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Introducing the newest game in the Love and War universe...

It's been a long time coming, but I feel like the time is right to talk about the new project: Love and War: Magical Girl Lavie! (Those of you who have been keeping an eye out here on RMN already have some ideas about this one, but no harm in making it official!) As a concept, this has bounced around in my head for years now, and has suffered multiple setbacks along the way. Just the nature of internet projects I suppose, but it stung greatly every time I was sent back to square one. Thankfully progress on the current version has been steady (if slow) over the past year, so better luck this time, eh?

So what is MGL, exactly? It will be an RPG Maker VX Ace RPG starring (you guessed it!) Lavie Regale. I will leave the details of the exact setup aside for now, but it takes place some time before Act I (eagle-eyed players may be able to determine the date more exactly), and seems to have Lavie transform into Magical Girl Lavie, fighting the good fight against quirky monsters and meeting colorful characters in a new, magical land. Those who have played Act I before will recognize some familiar faces, but no prior knowledge of the series will be required.

Some super-early screenshots (everything subject to change, of course!):

Chapter 1 of Magical Girl Lavie is intended to be a shorter game, roughly around 2-4 hours in length. It's also intended to be the first in a trilogy of similar-length games, if the first one is well received. The intention is to make this a commercial game after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and currently I'm hoping to launch said campaign in January!

Ideally, "Magical Girl Lavie" is just the beginning. :) I hope to post a number of updates with new tidbits of information and art up 'til the launch of the campaign, so if you have any questions, comments, or even wish to volunteer to help in some way, let me know!


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Fire does seem like a good bet... but then again, a magical girl surely has a lot of options at her disposal. :) And I think there will be a need for Professorial Consultants, certainly!
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
And so Lavie joins the ranks of Marle and Shana! I wonder what her element will be? ^_^ (I'm counting on Fire, somehow: those red eyes give the game away!) Looking forward to this: can you use testers Professorial Consultants?
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