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A quick look at a few characters in MGL

Lavie Regale will be taking on the mantle of Magical Girl in the Kingdom of Light, but she's going to need some help. Let's have a quick gander at some of the people we'll meet in Magical Girl Lavie...

Magical Girl Lavie is empowered to dispense hope! As the alter ego of Princess Lavella of the Kingdom of Light, Lavie is new and inexperienced in the role of defender, but doesn't lack for enthusiasm and drive. The crisis that erupts early on in Chapter 1 will put her through a trial by fire, however.

The fun-loving, cheeky Lala serves as Magical Girl Lavie’s sidekick/familiar! Lala provides advice and wisecracks in equal measure, but offers powerful buffs and healing while in combat.

As a wandering knight-errant, standing up for justice is what Magical Knight Reinhardt does. Helping Magical Girl Lavie out of a bind early on, Reinhardt pledges his sword to her quest. That's all well and good, but what kind of knight-in-shining-armor carries around a gun, anyway? (Probably a smart one.)

This prideful young Magical Maiden suddenly appears in the capital of the Kingdom of Light during a moment of crisis. What is she after? Is she friend or foe? And if she does act against the Kingdom of Light, will Lavie be able to stop her?


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Great art!

author=Admiral Styles
What kind of knight-in-shining-armor carries around a gun, anyway? (Probably a smart one.)

Of course! https://invidio.xamh.de/watch?v=3I_Ds2ytz4o
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
Princess Lavella? Hmm, the plot thickens... ^_^

(Also, I second Irog: this artwork is great.)
Irog: One of my favorite moments in the film, to be honest. :D King-sama does good work, art-wise!

Professor Q: You can't have a Kingdom without Royalty!
...Reinhardt looks suspiciously familiar. XD I think I know where this is going.
Beldarius: I wouldn't be surprised if you did! :D
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