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MGL: The Final Stretch + New trailer!

We've entered the final stretch, the last week of the Indiegogo campaign! And thanks to the tireless efforts of my buddy Aekenon, we have a new trailer ready!

Let me know what you think, and if you feel so inclined, please consider sharing the trailer and the Indiegogo link around with any who might be interested. :)

Phew. There have certainly been quite a few surprises for me during this campaign - some awful, some wonderful. I'll definitely try to collect my thoughts together (and keep rambling to a minimum, if possible!) for the wrap-up post a week from now. Together to victory, friends!


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I'm surprised you were able to get this going, but I'm a sucker for JRPGS and Magical Girls ingeneral plus I love the trailer music.
Heh, thanks for checking it out, Kersh. :)
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