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Minor Setbacks

Been having a few setbacks lately - nothing major or game-ending, but unfortunate nonetheless. For one, suffered through the mythical hard drive crash. Thankfully I do have backups of most important things (including LAW), but the last backup was a month ago... So, I more or less have lost a month's worth of LAW notes, edits, fixes, and additions. :( I know, I know, I'll backup more frequently this time!

Secondly, I've been forced to conclude that the voice actor for Armin is probably gone for good, it having been months since I last heard back from him. So I've had to reopen auditions, which is going to further delay the release of Act I. Sucks, really, but what can you do...

Finally, beta testing for "Wave 1" seems to be at a standstill right now. Beta testing's never an easy thing to get done, is it? Hopefully we'll get back on track when we get to Wave 2 (which reminds me, my artists have been awfully busy lately, haven't heard from them in a while... d'oh).

Ah, well. Together to victory!


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Thats a bummer. I remember playing Love and War over 5 years ago, I think I was a freshman in college back then.
My mind is full of fuck.
Fight for the love, win the war of crashes and bugs.
Fight for the love, win the war of crashes and bugs.

You seem to have a long history of "uh-oh" moments. I blame Juno.

edit: I was tricked! This is an old blog post! Darn you bumper!
Weeeeell, better late than never, right? ;D
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