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Love and War: Jaina's Story Released!

Hiya everyone! Just wanted to report the release of Love and War: Jaina’s Story!

It’s a new short video starring Jaina Vellin, on St. Mikhail’s Day. Please feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think! Special thanks go to DollVA for voice acting Jaina (and Helen!), Khaishian for the artwork, and Aekenon for recording and editing the video itself. Merry Christmas, and Happy St. Mikhail’s Day to you all!


Love and War: C'est Lavie Too! released!

Bet you weren't expecting that. :D You can watch it here:

C'est Lavie Too! is a sequel (of sorts) to C'est Lavie - so, if you've never seen that one, you may want to give it a view first. (It can be found in the Media tab!) Once again it seems Lavie and Ryan are meeting in Davenport Park. What will happen now?

Once again, for something that was supposed to be short and funny, this ended up taking much longer then I anticipated... Just the way it goes sometimes, I guess! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Aekenon, who edited the video together. I hope you enjoy!

Progress Report

A quick update on matters Love and War

Time for a little news update. It's been a while!

Progress on Magical Girl Lavie continues, albeit at a reduced pace. Still waiting on more graphics stuff, which has trickled in at a slower pace this year. Still, I would say that a majority of the stuff is done by this point, so that's definitely something!

I'm also happy to announce "Love and War: Mea Culpa", a new "Love and War" story told in manga format! Part I is out already, and can be read over yonder: https://antioch.snow-fall.com/law/images/meaculpa/ And the first page of Part II is going up today in fact, on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/loveandwartherpg Please do check it out if you're so inclined, and feel free to let me know your thoughts. :)

And hey, no less a luminary then the legendary Armin Tamas himself reads it! Check out his reaction here:

(That upload date of April 1st is no coincidence! ;) )

Finally, there are a couple of other things in the pipeline being worked on right now. Time will tell when they'll be ready for prime time...

And that's a wrap, for this little update. Until next time!

Progress Report

MGL Update!

Time for a bit of an update on Magical Girl Lavie! Boy, it's been a while and a half since the last update, and I must apologize for that. I've been planning on adding a news update for some time now, but was waiting on one particular thing to be completed... and well, that sort of thing can drag on for a while and a half, as you can imagine. Thankfully the stars aligned and I was able to assemble the pieces I needed!

So, how have things been going, with Magical Girl Lavie? Not bad, but progress has been - without question - uneven. In some areas it's a case of being limited by the budget, and only being able to afford a certain amount of progress every month. (Still, slow and steady, as they say!) In others, I'm a bit bottlenecked by certain elements not being ready, and holding up work on others. I suppose that's part of the joy and sorrow of game development? I do think that some of the biggest hurdles have been cleared though, and hopefully progress is going to be speeding up in the weeks and months to come. :)

Onto specifics, then! Here's a little clip of the latest version of the battle system in action. This is all super-pre-alpha stuff of course, with a lot of things subject to change, but the basic building blocks are here.


You may or may not have noticed that Lala is not controllable there. This wasn't my intention at first, but I think it could be an interesting idea. Should Lala, being Lavie's magical sidekick (and untargetable by enemies!) simple act independently? Should Lavie be able to give her general commands ("Keep us healed!" "Boost our defense!") as a half-way measure? Or would it be better to simply have full control over her actions? It's worth pointing out that while Lala cannot be targeted by enemies, if Lavie is knocked out, so too is Lala. Let me know what you think!

Finally, here's a look at some of the various bits of art our various artists have been working on. Starting out with Riklaionel and the battle system sprite art:

This enemy thought he was prepared... but Lavie's not packing a bow this time!

"I have the powerrrrrrr!"

The completed version of the above.

In-game character sprites, done by Hiddenone!

Face art and cutscenes by Nueajaa:

"I like it, but could you add a touch of maliciousness and a dash of vulnerability?" "OK!"

Face art of a couple minor characters.

Magical Knight Reinhardt enters the scene! Mary seems less then impressed, somehow...

Maps, by mapper Missnile!

Well, that should bring this little news update to a close. Hope you enjoyed, and as always, please feel free to let me know what you think!

Progress Report

MGL: The Final Stretch + New trailer!

We've entered the final stretch, the last week of the Indiegogo campaign! And thanks to the tireless efforts of my buddy Aekenon, we have a new trailer ready!

Let me know what you think, and if you feel so inclined, please consider sharing the trailer and the Indiegogo link around with any who might be interested. :)

Phew. There have certainly been quite a few surprises for me during this campaign - some awful, some wonderful. I'll definitely try to collect my thoughts together (and keep rambling to a minimum, if possible!) for the wrap-up post a week from now. Together to victory, friends!


Magical Girl Lavie's Indiegogo campaign now live!

In the town of Davenport, the prosperous port city of Galvenia, a girl named Lavie lounges about in her room, bored. It's Spring Break, but there's nothing to do! Or so it seems. After checking her mailbox she'll be pulled into a magical adventure within a dreamy fairy-tale land, meeting colorful characters and getting into and out of a whole bunch of trouble... and all this, without ever leaving her room!

Here's a little teaser trailer for the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88cVySDtanM

Some screenshots and art:

Phew... Well, please let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them! :)


Magical Girl Lavie's Indiegogo campaign coming July 18th!


Apologies for the sparse updates and frequent delays over the past few months - there were a number of matters that needed sorting out, both in regards to Magical Girl Lavie and more mundane stuff in regular life. Barring any more unforeseen complications, the Indiegogo campaign will launch next Monday on July 18th! I very much hope to see you there. :) If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here, or send me an e-mail at ofloveandwar AT hotmail.com and I'll do my best to answer them!

Progress Report

A quick look at a few characters in MGL

Lavie Regale will be taking on the mantle of Magical Girl in the Kingdom of Light, but she's going to need some help. Let's have a quick gander at some of the people we'll meet in Magical Girl Lavie...

Magical Girl Lavie is empowered to dispense hope! As the alter ego of Princess Lavella of the Kingdom of Light, Lavie is new and inexperienced in the role of defender, but doesn't lack for enthusiasm and drive. The crisis that erupts early on in Chapter 1 will put her through a trial by fire, however.

The fun-loving, cheeky Lala serves as Magical Girl Lavie’s sidekick/familiar! Lala provides advice and wisecracks in equal measure, but offers powerful buffs and healing while in combat.

As a wandering knight-errant, standing up for justice is what Magical Knight Reinhardt does. Helping Magical Girl Lavie out of a bind early on, Reinhardt pledges his sword to her quest. That's all well and good, but what kind of knight-in-shining-armor carries around a gun, anyway? (Probably a smart one.)

This prideful young Magical Maiden suddenly appears in the capital of the Kingdom of Light during a moment of crisis. What is she after? Is she friend or foe? And if she does act against the Kingdom of Light, will Lavie be able to stop her?


Introducing the newest game in the Love and War universe...

It's been a long time coming, but I feel like the time is right to talk about the new project: Love and War: Magical Girl Lavie! (Those of you who have been keeping an eye out here on RMN already have some ideas about this one, but no harm in making it official!) As a concept, this has bounced around in my head for years now, and has suffered multiple setbacks along the way. Just the nature of internet projects I suppose, but it stung greatly every time I was sent back to square one. Thankfully progress on the current version has been steady (if slow) over the past year, so better luck this time, eh?

So what is MGL, exactly? It will be an RPG Maker VX Ace RPG starring (you guessed it!) Lavie Regale. I will leave the details of the exact setup aside for now, but it takes place some time before Act I (eagle-eyed players may be able to determine the date more exactly), and seems to have Lavie transform into Magical Girl Lavie, fighting the good fight against quirky monsters and meeting colorful characters in a new, magical land. Those who have played Act I before will recognize some familiar faces, but no prior knowledge of the series will be required.

Some super-early screenshots (everything subject to change, of course!):

Chapter 1 of Magical Girl Lavie is intended to be a shorter game, roughly around 2-4 hours in length. It's also intended to be the first in a trilogy of similar-length games, if the first one is well received. The intention is to make this a commercial game after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and currently I'm hoping to launch said campaign in January!

Ideally, "Magical Girl Lavie" is just the beginning. :) I hope to post a number of updates with new tidbits of information and art up 'til the launch of the campaign, so if you have any questions, comments, or even wish to volunteer to help in some way, let me know!


[RMVX Ace] Looking for a few good team members!

(This is a repost of a recruitment thread I posted elsewhere - figured it couldn't hurt to get a few more views and potential applicants!)

Howdy, everyone! This is Admiral Styles, creator of Love and War, as well as a few other little things like C'est Lavie and a StarCraft campaign or two (but never mind that). I'm here today because I'm seeking a few good team members for my latest endeavor, a new RPG set in the LAW universe! The intention is to make this a commercial game after a successful crowdfunding campaign, so if you think you might be interested in joining Team LAW, read on!

About the project

Without giving too much of the setting away, I can say that this is intended to be an RMVX Ace RPG starring a character from LAW, fun loving teenager Lavie Regale. She'll be going on a magical adventure within a dreamy fairy-tale land, meeting colorful characters and getting into and out of a whole bunch of trouble... and all this, without ever leaving her room in Davenport! Action, humor, and a touch of romance will all be important elements. Those who have played Act I before will recognize some familiar faces, but no prior knowledge of the series will be required.

Some specifics: this project is intended to be a shorter game, roughly around 2-4 hours in length. It's also intended to be the first in a trilogy of similar-length games, if the first one is well received. Those applying for jobs are not required to stick around for the whole series, if you don't want to - it would be wonderful if you did, but if you would prefer to limit your participation to just "Chapter 1", then that's fine by me. :)

Here's a quick look at a couple enemies that Lavie will be encountering:

This brute is looking to pump Lavie up! Possibly by beating her down, which is not ideal when it comes to workout routines.

This is Two-Tale-Fox. He's a cool guy, but you can be sure that when he recites one of his stories (he only knows two), he'll inflict Confusion upon both allies and enemies. Yup.

A couple early screenshots:

Job Positions

Urgently Needed:
1. Battles/Gameplay Guru: I know my strengths and weaknesses, and one thing I struggle with are implementing fun, challenging battles and gameplay systems. This person will be in charge of game balance, seeing if my gameplay ideas are possible or entertaining (and if not, we toss 'em and try something else!) enough to implement, and overall ensuring that leveling up and battles are fun for the player.

2. RMVX Ace Battle Scripter: This may or may not overlap with the above, but I do want a side view battle system (ah, the old Custom Battle System of yesteryear!), and I believe such requires the use (and more importantly, the understanding) of various scripts. Do you understand this scripting stuff? Maybe this position is right up your alley, then!

3. Minigame Maker: I have ideas for fun little minigames, but don't have the know-how to actually put them together. There will probably be three or four in total, intended to be simple but fun.

Helpful, but Secondary:
1. Mapper (Parallax): I currently do have a mapper, but having a second one onboard would certainly help lighten the load and get things done quicker. We will be using parallax mapping for this project, so knowledge of that technique is required.

2. Composer: Not urgently needed just yet, but I do hope that this project will ultimately get its own custom-composed soundtrack.

How to apply

Send me an e-mail at ofloveandwar@hotmail.com and let me know what position you're applying for, what sort of monetary compensation you'd be looking for, as well as whether you'd be interested in sticking with the entire series, or just the first chapter. Please have examples of your work ready to show. I will wait for at least two weeks before making my final decision on team members - longer if need be, of course. Once the team is assembled I'll add up all the costs, determine the figure we need to shoot for, and launch the crowdfunding campaign shortly thereafter (probably using Indiegogo or Kickstarter).

Final Thoughts

It's been a long time (longer then it should have been, thanks to the machinations of "real life"!), but hopefully now I can return to LAWmaking. :) If you have any questions or comments - perhaps a detail that needs clarification, or maybe you have a skill to offer that I didn't list but could prove useful, send me an e-mail too, at ofloveandwar@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

And so does Lavie!

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