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Progress Report

Closing In on the Release Day

With the impending release of the Act I Revamp just days away (Friday, August 31st!), it seemed like a good idea to put out one last update blog, going over the current state of the build. There are three areas that I'd like to cover: the artwork, the voice acting, and the beta testing.

First, the artwork - and, all things considered, the "bad" news. There just hasn't been any very encouraging news in this category for several months now, and it seems likely that only the first half of the new picture cutscenes will be complete, and in the game. That's... very disappointing to me, in all honesty! It's certainly possible that I'll suddenly receive the remaining pictures a few hours before the 31st, but less then likely. Ah, well. I do hope it won't ruin the experience. As I mentioned before, if they're sent to me later on I'll release some sort of update patch.

Second, the voice acting - and the good news! The voice acting is 100% complete and in the game! It nearly killed me to do so, but it's done. *phew* Really, I thought implementing the voice acting into C'est Lavie! was tedious and frustrating, but this had over ten times as many lines for me to mess up on! Still, it was absolutely worth it in the end if you, the player, like it and find that it enhances the experience, which I very much hope you do. For those of you who are categorically opposed to voice acting, fear not - you will be able to toggle the voice acting on and off as you like - but I do hope you give it a chance before making that decision. It might grow on you! :)

Thirdly, the final period of beta testing has definitely been a success. Heaps of bugs, spelling errors, and design issues have been reported and fixed, and the game is a better and stronger product because of it! Out of five beta testers, three have completed the game, and two are about halfway through. All have reported back with useful feedback, which makes this one of the most successful periods of beta testing I've ever run. Fellow RPG Makers: I encourage you to always beta test your projects before release!

Some last minute observations: The final version will weigh in at around 160MB, which makes it about seven times the file size as the last version - mostly due to the voice acting, of course. I was actually shooting for "150MB or less", so I suppose being 10MB off isn't too bad! There are also a few new custom pieces of music (as well as a few new non-custom ones), so I hope you enjoy those additions.

Finally, for those of you who don't frequent the Love and War Facebook page (and if you don't, please consider doing so!), you've likely missed one of the recently added pieces of Lavie artwork. Check it out here - I think you'll find it's worth a look!

That should bring this blog to a close. Please look forward to the release this Friday, and if you have any remaining questions, I'll do what I can to answer them. :) Thank you for your time!


The Testing of Betas

Howdy, everyone. I'm at that stage where I'd like to get some last-minute beta testing done. Just need a couple testers, I think! Please, only apply if you have the time and the energy to play through the game quite quickly (I'm thinking perhaps a week?) and give me feedback. If you're more interested in just playing the game, it would be better to wait for a while, and play the actual release later on. :)


Release Date: August

It feels like it's time to announce this: the revamped version of Act I will be released in August. I guess that's more of a release "range" then an exact date? But it will allow me a certain flexibility, hopefully getting some last minute beta testing done and what not.

Now, some may recall that I've mentioned waiting for the remaining material (chiefly artwork and voice acting) to be sent my way. Does that mean I've gotten everything? Well, sorry to say, but no, I haven't. Some crucial progress was made in the last couple of weeks (which in part is why I decided to go for August), but otherwise those percentages haven't budged. That may well mean that we'll have to release without everything in place. I'm really sorry about this... I am a perfectionist, and have always wanted to shoot for the "it's done when it's done" ideal. Honestly though, I feel that I've reached the point where waiting another month or three more really has no promise of paying off in any significant way. Perhaps the remaining stuff could be released in a patch later on, but that would be totally out of my hands, and up to fate.

So, to sum up: barring any unfortunate events, a release in August. It will have new artwork, though perhaps not as much as I hoped for. It will have voice acting, though again, perhaps not as much as I had planned for. And it will be playable, a definite improvement over the original (hopefully!), and a fun experience. :)

"Hmph! Took you long enough!"


A Classic, you say?

Wow, it looks as though Love and War has snagged a "Classic" spot on the front page? Many, many thanks to the powers-that-be at RMN for this honor, it's much appreciated. :D

I should have more to note on LAW itself soon. We're getting closer, believe you me!


Voice Acting Clip

Here's a little something I put together recently - one of the voice acted scenes in the revamp. Check it out, tell me what you think!


Progress Report

A Quick Love and War Update

First, here are some very rough, likely imprecise percentages for you. Because who doesn't like percentages?

75% complete

Voice Acting:
60% complete

99% complete

That more or less tells the tale, I think. Since I can't draw, and I'm not voice acting, there's really nothing I can do in that regard but wait for the remaining stuff to be handed in. The revamped game itself is essentially complete; I've been hoping to get some more beta testing done in the meantime, to make use of the time. Pretty much the long and the short of it, I guess!

Maybe I should consider working on something else during this gap in time...




Love and War now has a page at TV Tropes!

Love and War on TV Tropes

It's only been up for a few days, but it looks like the Love and War page at TV Tropes is already quite extensive. Come check it out, or even add in a trope or two!

(Note: As you might expect it contains spoilers galore, so if you haven't actually played LAW you might want to hold off for now.)


Page 2 - 4 of "Scattered Pictures" is up!

Along with page 1, you can find them here: