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Page 1 of "Scattered Pictures" is up!

And here it is:


And now, for something a little different

For a while now I've had an idea for a little LAW sideproject that I wanted to explore, but had no way of doing so. Not until I teamed up with artist 15385bic, that is! I'm very pleased to announce Love and War: Scattered Pictures, a minicomic of sorts that I hope to update once a week, every Friday. This is definitely uncharted territory for me, so I can only hope that it'll work out well in the end. :) Here's the cover page, and I hope you enjoy!

Progress Report


Although there are still some days left in December, it seems increasingly likely that the revamp of Act I will not be released in time. I just haven't received the remaining materials yet, and so there's really not much else to do but wait. I'm disappointed, to be sure - it's frustrating to have the core game ready, but be unable to release it. My apologies to all those who were waiting! As soon as I have better news to report, I'll do so.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.


The following takes place between 0:00 and 4:01...

Events occur in real-time. (Actually, they really don't in this case.)

This is "Love and 24", a trailer I made of a supposedly reimagined version of Love and War. It was released a while ago as an April Fools joke. Despite it being only a few minutes long, it honestly took a couple of months to pull together! For a moment I really didn't think I was going to make the deadline of April 1st, either. The voice acting would ultimately prove to be especially challenging to pull together. Still, it all came together in the end, and I'm very grateful to everyone who contributed.

Specifically, I'd like to thank Ocean's Dream, who provided the mapping and the chipsets that were used. Thank you! (I'm reminded once again that I really need to send you an e-mail sometime soon.)

And I also want to thank Skie Fortress, who provided the picture of Ryan Eramond at the end. I really asked her completely out of the blue, and she very graciously came through in short order. Thanks muchly, Skie Fortress. :D


C'est Lavie now up on YouTube!

As the title may have suggested, my fully voiced RM2K cutscene "C'est Lavie!" is now up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. If you liked Act I and have never seen it, you might want to take a gander. :)


Many thanks to X-Calibar who both recorded and encoded the video!


LAW Wars IV: A New Facebook

It's finally happened: I'm embracing social media (or taking the first step, anyway). Love and War now has its own Facebook page! Please do consider Liking, Faving, or whatever it is that you do with Facebook pages (sorry, I'm still not entirely clear on all the terminology) to keep up to date on all matters LAW.

I have a confession to make: I've never actually used Facebook before. Never. There are times when I'm just seized with the spirit of irrational iconoclasm, and Facebook was one of many casualties. I remember when Myspace (and later Facebook) first came out, and I just shrugged my shoulders and went on my way. "What do I need something like that for?" Of course social media continued to grow at an exponential rate, and it became increasingly harder to dismiss. Friends and family members asked to add me on Facebook, and I said I didn't have one, and I didn't need one. Never mind that social media was literally changing the shape of society, or that it was a new and exciting way to disseminate information of all sorts, or keep up to date on projects of interest - none of that mattered, because I was too cool for any of that! I had my pride!

But it was the potential for promoting your projects that finally got me to break down and create one. Love and War is worth more then my silly misguided pride in the end. = ) Hence:


Being such a newbie to Facebook, I'd greatly appreciate any hints, tips, or tricks you more experienced Facebookers might have for, uh, Facebooking. = ) Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you there!


News updates, and a tentative release date

Well now, the first wave of testing certainly had its share of missteps and what not, but quite a bit of invaluable feedback was nevertheless gleaned. Many thanks to those who donated their time to play through the beta, it's much appreciated! :) I will likely not be having three waves of testers after all, probably just one more considering time constraints. But we'll see how it goes.

Onto that tentative release date: I'm shooting for releasing the revamp of Act I sometime in December (yes, December 2011). It's possible (but very unlikely...) that it will be released sooner, and I'm afraid it's all too possible that it may be released later on after all. The remaining work is largely out of my hands at this point! Time will tell all things, time will tell.


Minor Setbacks

Been having a few setbacks lately - nothing major or game-ending, but unfortunate nonetheless. For one, suffered through the mythical hard drive crash. Thankfully I do have backups of most important things (including LAW), but the last backup was a month ago... So, I more or less have lost a month's worth of LAW notes, edits, fixes, and additions. :( I know, I know, I'll backup more frequently this time!

Secondly, I've been forced to conclude that the voice actor for Armin is probably gone for good, it having been months since I last heard back from him. So I've had to reopen auditions, which is going to further delay the release of Act I. Sucks, really, but what can you do...

Finally, beta testing for "Wave 1" seems to be at a standstill right now. Beta testing's never an easy thing to get done, is it? Hopefully we'll get back on track when we get to Wave 2 (which reminds me, my artists have been awfully busy lately, haven't heard from them in a while... d'oh).

Ah, well. Together to victory!


LAW is looking for a few testers!

Well, the Act I Revamp is more or less at a point where serious beta testing can begin. I'm hoping to have three "waves" of testers at the moment, so this would be for Wave 1. I should note that the bells and whistles (new artwork, voice acting) aren't complete yet and thus haven't been added in.

So, if being a beta tester and giving me feedback on the first Act of Love and War sounds like something you'd like to do, let me know! :)


Contest Conclusion

The "Vote for your Favorite Character!" contest is concluded, and as promised, Shmeckie (of "Money and Power" fame!) sketched out the two winners, Lavie and Kodenai. A colored version was kindly provided by King-sama:

Karsuman and Twinfoxtails should probably exchange high fives, as it was their votes that allowed Lavie to tie for first place. ;P Definitely hope to hold more contests in the future!