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Quick update on the contest

As things stand, the votes for the "Vote for your favorite Act I character, and they shall be drawn" contest are:

Lavie: 2
Kodenai: 2
Lugner: 1
Juno: 1
Marianne: 1
Henrik: 1
Armin: 1
Crate Lifter Guy(s): 1

Two weeks left to get your votes in! And lemme just link to the latest bit of fan art submitted: http://antioch.snow-fall.com/law/images/fan/lavieautumn.jpg

Nice, no? :D


Which character from Act I...

...would you like to see in a piece of artwork? I'm holding a bit of a contest to determine just that! It can be anyone from the lowliest of NPCs, to the most major of main characters. All you have to do is post here (or in the topic in the LAW forum, should you be so inclined) and let us know your top two favorite candidates! The two with the highest vote count will be drawn by Shmeckie (the creator of Money and Power, no less). This contest will conclude by the end of October, so let us know before then!


Ah, so that's how you add blogs...!

And this is the first. Well, I'll briefly note that I continue to work on Love and War in general, but more specifically am trying to get a smaller-scale side project done, which hopefully will have its own page(s?) here on RMN sometime this year. (Maybe, possibly, hopefully, coulda shoulda woulda. *ahem*)

That aside, I continue to wrestle with the idea of perhaps releasing some sort of significant update, maybe even a full-fledged remake, of Act I. I can see a lot of things I'd like to change or update with the benefit of hindsight, and with a new mapper, I might just be able to have a more graphically pleasing Act as well... It might be a good idea, but it would probably cause a fair amount of delay and disruption to Act II (which itself has been delayed for I-don't-know-how-long). Hard to say, hard to say...

Oh, the LAW website has also moved, so I've updated the links.

Happy New Year, by the way!
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