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Recently done artwork of Lavie, by Bokuman. Is it just me, or does this give her something of a "Hollywood Knockout" vibe? :)
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  • Added: 08/27/2012 05:58 PM
  • Last updated: 03/20/2023 04:17 PM


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Her pose definitely reminds me of Marylin Monroe.
Great artwork!
My mind is full of fuck.
Im so glad I been spitting A game at her in game.
Oh, this is a very nice drawing! I love the pose and her expression. The coloring is good too, but the colors not so much... =P
I like lavie she's sweet but ryan is too stubborn to notice she loves him its so cute. and not mature of him lol XD
The artwork is beautiful as always however I prefer the way Reirei18 draws her. Though I dislike Lavie, it's weird only speaking from expierence but when I was a kid and played LAW from the very first release I liked and felt kind of sad for her now that I'm older she irritates me so much.
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