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Once upon a time... Lavie

  • Irog
  • 10/18/2013 10:48 PM
This game is awesome!!! Best RPGmaker game I ever played!

Love and War has a deep living world. When I say living, you can hear it! This game has excellent voice acting!!! You really get to know all characters that revolve around the main character. Your friends share their feelings with you bit by bit. They ask for your advice that will influence their actions. In return, you’ll get advice from them. (I was happy I followed Armin’s advice about Marianne.) Often you’ll have to choose between contradictory points of views from your friends, pleasing one and having to convince the other. Interacting with Lavie is always fun: you’re stepping on the borderline between making her angry at you and making her very angry at you! I would like to have more "tease her" options next to the defensive ones. All non player characters live their lives and evolve with time, so be sure to talk to them once in a while. The player characters have different approaches to certain areas: one might find the place interesting while the other would find it so boring that he/she won’t visit the place. That brings new exploration possibilities in areas you visited earlier with another character.

On top of this, the game has great artwork in skill menu and cutscenes. The mapping is excellent. The battle skill system is simple and effective: you won’t spend too much time browsing menus; you’ll quickly know what to do. The long term learning mechanism is also simple and effective. This keeps most player attention towards action and story.

I also like the in-battle character voice acted talk that reflects urgency, fight pressure, provocation, tactical fight moves and attempts to force the enemy to surrender.

The game also feature pleasant side quests, good mini-games, robbery case investigation, code cracking, bounty hunting, hide-and-seek game and cross references. I love the "Who wants to be a level 10 archer?" quest: it’s an excellent balance between difficulty and fun.

While playing, you must manage your finances wisely. In fact, the game added a realistic economy touch: you earn money from contracts and defeated non-human enemies drop no money! Another nice realistic add up is that the player walk slowly in dark cave just like any human would do to avoid tipping over. This gives true cave atmosphere and made me want to fetch some torches from the nearest town.

There are some minor issues:
Often Juno and Kun & Kin voices are not loud enough compare to the background music.
Some save points before a difficult battle are such that it is impossible get XP in case we saved with a level too low for that battle. (Example: the battle against a horned demon at a cave entrance. I don’t remember the name of the beast.). My advice to players is to make multiple save files and always keep one from were you can XP.


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Interacting with Lavie is always fun: you’re stepping on the borderline between making her angry at you and making her very angry at you!

Oh dear, I laughed out loud at that one. :D

Many, many thanks for your kind review! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with Act I. :)
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