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...::: What People Are Saying :::...

"Because Frogs F@#%ing LOVE Fruit" - halibabica

"After playing the updated version of the game (with levels!), I can see that Frog, the Collector has become a much better game... While the gameplay is still rather simple, it is much more enjoyable now." - kentona

...::: Gameplay, Features and Comments :::...

Frog, The Collector is a game loosely based around the concepts of the arcade classics Frogger and Pacman. You play as the eponymous Frog, a decidedly hungry chap who believes that the easiest way for him to gather food is to collect the scraps of fruit that bored, bratty children and stupid, unwashed truck-drivers throw out of their windows when they get bored of staring at the tarmac in front of them. Unfortunately for Frog, this means dancing with bumpers, frolicking with hubcaps and jumping past tyres...

"But a frog's gotta do what a frog's gotta do!"

So-called "features" include graphics styled on the arcade classics Pacman and Frogger; an arcade-nostalgia inducing soundtrack created by FoxSynergy; five levels of car-dodging fun; a digit-seperation system you can steal to create your own score displays; the constant thought, "What will happen if I max out the score bar!?" because not even the developer knows; your 5-a-day fruit requirement; and the possibility I will get sued in the next couple of weeks!

Latest Blog

Frog, The Update No One Asked For

RMN isn't very good at the whole "new download" thing. If you add a legitimate new download then potential players won't see the download count that the old version had; if you overwrite the old version then you keep the download count, but your new download doesn't get promoted on the front-page. It's a bit of a shitty situation, but I suppose it could be worse. It could be like it is on Gamejolt, where uploading a new download is like getting a brick through the eye of a fucking needle!


What The Hell Is This Update?

This game came out way back in 2009 and there's basically been two updates since then. One was when I cut down the soundtrack because the download was far too large for such a simple arcade game, and the other was an update to make sure the RTP was included with the game so that it would be easier for people who aren't unfamiliar with RM2K3 to play it. This update isn't like either of those updates, because this update is a pretty big overhaul of the graphics and sound present in the game.

For a long time I've wanted this game to move away from using ripped graphics towards something that, whilst still very much styled around games like Frogger and Pacman, uses graphics that I could call my own. I also wanted to move away from using a soundtrack that contained licensed music towards something available under a creative commons license, whilst also moving towards music that would fit the arcade feel I was going for better than what I originally used. The thing is that I've never really had much drive to make those changes, but now that I have I'm pretty happy with the results:

They're not the best in the world, but at least they're not rips any more!
I mean, I think they look better than they did before, but I'd obviously think that since I'm the one who made them!

In addition to wanting the game to use graphics that I could call my own, people with a very good memory will realise that I've made a conscious effort to address the criticisms that Halibabica had in his very old review of the game. This is why I've made the addition of road-markings to the highway, and the addition of "a big nasty *SQUISH* noise" when Frog gets run over by a vehicle. I thought that both of those comments were very astute observations for Halibabica to make and I should've probably addressed them much sooner than this.

Why Are You Doing This Now?

Like I said, I've been wanting to make these changes for a long time, but I've never really had the drive to do it. Why do I have that drive now? Let's just say I've had an idea for a sequel to this game, and so that's what's driven me to make the updates that I have. I don't want to feel guilty for continuing to use blatant rips if (and I say "if" because it might never happen) I decide to make said sequel.

Additionally, although I was always quite pleased with how this game turned out given that it was originally a throwaway project based around a minigame present in Sore Losers, it would be slightly sad if I didn't try to make it as good as I think it can be. That isn't to say that I now think it's super-awesome-amazing and that it should be getting 5-star reviews from everyone, but it's definitely a more cohesive product than it was before.


Not much has changed about the gameplay, but I do think the graphical tweaks help make the game much more fun to play and that the sound changes make the game more entertaining than it was before. And if not "more entertaining", they certainly make the style more consistent.

I don't expect boatloads of people to be downloading this since it never had that many downloads in the first place, but thanks for reading and I hope that anyone who does play enjoys the updates :)


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I played it. Its pretty fun, nice job! The only thing I don't like about it is the music doesn't seem to fit the game.
The music was a stylistic thing, I guess. I just really like the band and their music always reminds me of arcade games.
I loved the music! Best part of the game, imho.
The music is literally the whole of Thrash Thrash Thrash set up to play on a random loop.
Ha! My average review score fix worked! The score will now round to the nearest .5 star, rather than truncate.

...the only caveat is that the average score for a game is only calculated when a new review is added (or an old one is denied). I wonder if I can rig something.

So, anywho, this game now has an extra .5 stars in the average review, since I used it as a guinea pig.
So now it rounds up? That's awesome, so many games are screwed over by stuff like 3.48 being rounded down to 3...

(Ahahaha, Frog is now higher rated than Sore Losers)
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