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1) Unzip the "Frog, The Collector" archive.
2) Find the file named RPG_RT. It has a swordsman as the icon. Double click this file to start the game.
3) The game will start in windowed mode. To make the window smaller, so that it's at native resolution, press F5. To make the game full-screen, press F4.


In Game:

X and ESC - Does nothing.
Return, Space and Z - Does nothing.
Arrow Keys - Move Frog around.

Menu Screens/Title Screen:

X and ESC - Cancel selections.
Return, Space and Z - Confirm choices.
Arrow Keys - Make choices.


If you have any comments/feedback then the best thing you can do is post them over on this game's RMN profile (http://rpgmaker.net/games/980/). If for some reason you feel the need to contact me directly then feel free to send comments to my e-mail address (yeehee57@hotmail.com).