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You find yourself in a familiar subway tunnel. As you descend, you begin to get the overwhelming sense that something is very wrong. You find a Red-Labelled Cassette and a Tape Recorder... A melody begins to play. Are those footsteps yours, or are you just imagining things?

A short horror experience that ties together the original Close Your Eyes and the upcoming Close Your Eyes: Intermission. Stylized as something of a teaser for Intermission with an ARG/Creepypasta style similar to Intermission but in a much simpler way, all while following the story and events of the original game.

Various puzzles are cryptic and may be difficult to solve alone, encouraging you to communicate with others. There are a number of secrets to discover as well, including multiple endings. Can you solve the various puzzles and find the hidden depths that lay within these subway tunnels?

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Sorry to the one person who downloaded it early, was one big bug when launching, but re-uploaded the download and it's fixed now.
Also this game keeps disappearing off the Full Games List and I have no idea why.
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