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Progress Report

Version 1.1.0

There have been enough updates since 1.0.0 that I’ve promoted the version to 1.1.0.
This patch focuses mainly on opening up the city Baldar.

What has been added:

1. A side quest “A needle in haystack” added.

2. The city, Baldar, has been worked on. More places are often and more NPCs. There is also a mention of the Skeleton bandits which is one of major side quest arcs from Baldar.
More importantly, two important NPCs were added to the temple of Death, Ixar and Ekora. Ixar is the priest of Death. Ekora is the high scribe.

3. A side quest “Skeleton bandits” can start. This won’t be finished for a while.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.12

I spent pretty much all my spare time on “Workers’ rights” quest. It’s a really long one.
This patch also adds about 4 unique NPCs: Adrian, Uox, Cadence, and Marina.

What has been added:

1. Black cats added to places.

2. Cizna guild mission “Workers’ rights” added. This is an important quest. You are looking at a birth of a sort of “Labour party” in a fantasy world.
This is actually a multi stage quest, about 5 stages. This quest also adds a new unique character “Uox” as well as opening up a very large portion of Belegarth mountain zone which had remained unfinished.

3. A new unique character “Marina” added to Bella. She is one of future participants of Bella bikini contest.
Speaking of which, a little update on the quest. Originally, I planned 8 participants with two of them being Maco and Sharon, meaning I needed 6 more random participants.
Well, I came to a conclusion that 6 is too many, so I reduced that number to 4, so 6 total participants.
With Marina added, I now need 3 more girls.

4. A world boss “Griffin” added to Belegarth mountain. It will be seen after you progress far enough in “Workers’ rights” quest.

5. A new unique NPC “Cadence” added to Cyro university second floor. She now sells spell/skill scrolls. For now, she has only one spell in stock, “Earthquake” for Doreian.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. “Giant maneater” quest was bugged. Fixed.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.11

Not much of playable contents is added in this patch. This one is for the future.

What has been added:

1. Fire dungeon level 5 added. About time, I know. This floor introduces a new monster and some new lore regarding the game world.

2. Extra menu updated. (Pierre added)

3. Cizna guild mission “Rescue!” added.

4. Two lore scrolls regarding nobility has been added to Eton grand library.

5. “Lamp kit” has been added to vendors who sell items. This kit exists to light dungeons. Some quests will require them. In some cases, you will want it because it will be too dark in deeper floors of dungeons.

6. The port city Hyur and Hyur workshop have been neglected for a long time. It’s been just an empty place.
The city has been worked in this patch. The workshop populated, places opened, more NPCs to boot.
A unique NPC, May, has been added to the workshop as well.

7. A side quest “Crab legs” added. I realize there is another side quest that goes by the same name. This quest is in Tito. I’ve worked on the hamlet as well, adding a new unique NPC as well as opening up the mine.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. Fire is now animated. It’s just an aesthetic change. You can see the animated fire from Hyur workshop, Eton blacksmith, Fire dungeon, and etc.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.10

This patch adds Ugi mine level 3 and 4 along with a few new monsters as well as a few quests catering to the area.

The patch also completes Goblin chronicles which is the second major side quest on Alcella island.

What has been added:

1. A side quest “Light the way” added.

2. Cizna guild mission “Into abyss 1” added.

3. Goblin chronicle side quest is finally complete.

I summed it up with just one sentence, but there are like 5 quests mixed together in the last part. This side quest took a really long time to finish it.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.9

What has been added:

1. A side quest “Howling wolves” added.

2. A Cizna guild mission “Giant maneater” added.

3. Goblin chronicles updated. It is almost done.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. The Cizna guild mission “Maneater menace” was bugged. Maneater kills weren’t counted. It’s been fixed.

2. The Cizna guild mission “Bo mine cleanup” was also bugged. Fixed.

3. Prices of plate armor and full plate have been reduced.

4. Irune’s firestorm spell was utterly rubbish. The spell has been boosted.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.8

Welcome to 2021. Let’s hope that this year won’t be as crappy as 2020.

Now, cats are being added to the game. In this patch, it adds only one kind of cat, so I have not added many of them. More varieties will be added in near future.
This should liven up some places. They are predominantly found slacking or sleeping in cities/towns.
Dogs will be added in the future.
Adding kids is on a to-do list.

What has been added:

1. A side quest “Bug clean up” added.

2. Goblin chronicle side quest continues to be worked on.

3. A Cizna guild mission “Find me my cat” added.

4. “Glass ceiling” added which is a story quest in Cizna. This quest also introduces MP Edward who is the third unique MP after Benja and Jonathan.
This event will start the second plot: electing the first female MP in Cizna history (or the game world history for that matter).

Progress Report

Version 1.0.7

I’ve finally worked on Goblin chronicles quest chain. It’s still not completed but advances a lot further now to a point that a Goblin kingdom is created.
Also, a new feature has been added, the alignment page.

What has been added:

1. Alignment screen has been added under menu. Now, it will mostly be empty until you are 1/4 into the game. It gets activated once you pass Pierre’s fate quest.
Then your decisions on crossroads will be tracked there.
More info is on alignment.pdf on the walkthrough page.

2. Earth dungeon level 2 added. Subsequently, mobs on that level now drops earth crystals.

3. Meaning Goblin chronicles quest chain can now proceed. As with most of long side quest chains, this side quest does have a fork. Choose wisely.

4. Cizna guild mission “Bears” added.

5. A side quest “Ambassiter” added.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. Eton guild mission “Mantis menace” had a mantis bugged which didn’t vanish after being defeated and kept engaging in endless battles. It’s been taught a lesson in how to behave.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.6

Content & bug-fix update.

What has been added:

1. A side quest “This guy, again” added.

2. An update to Extra menu. Two added: Benja and Mieke.

3. A Cizna guild quest “Kraken!!” added. This is a mid-level boss quest. A pretty hard one.

4. A side quest “The charred helmet” added.

5. A side quest” Oathbreaker” added. A grim quest. You may not like how this quest unfolds.

6. Alderin bath scene with Mieke has been added. She will talk about her past as an idol.
It is supposed to trigger her personal quest but it’s not ready.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. There was a bug where you could talk to Shana at Alderin inn even without having to met her or even having her in your party. This accidentally could trigger a side quest.
This has been ironed out.
Also added a message if Maco is alone.

2. The passive cold damage from Water dungeon level 3 and below was literally bugging battles out. You will no longer take the passive damage during a battle.

3. When you leave Water dungeon via Glaciale, you still took passive cold damage. Corrected.
Also added a way to leave Water dungeon level 4. Duh.

4. Jordin inspection wasn’t properly working. Well, it was working but it wasn’t filtering out guys with colored hairs. This has been corrected. Only Baba was getting caught.

5. A bug where you could not enter Alca with Luca in has been corrected. It is true that you won’t be able to enter Alca with Luca if you go far enough in her personal quest but it was happening way too soon.

6. Edwing (Red Turban bandit boss) has been slightly nerfed. Too hard, some told me.

7. For some odd reasons, I had set Annamaria healing spells battle only. It now works on map as well.

8. A side quest “Slimy research” was bugged. Fixed.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.5

Not much of actual content were added in this patch. More of foundational additions for future content.

“For boobs!” quest part 2 is stalled at the moment because I need to work on places. This is a long quest and does get pretty serious later on.

Additionally, characters added from this patch on will have some idle animations (breathing or playing with stuff, etc).

What has been added:

1. Yn mountain has been added which is located between Bella and Langt. If you care looking at the game map, it’s the mountain on Yn island.
A new kind of monster, Droko, is found there which is a very distant cousin of dragons.
This place will be worked on further in upcoming patches. Right now, it’s bare.

2. Water dungeon level 4 is added with a unique monster, Glaciale (Ice golem).

3. Tom the armorer in Bella has been renamed to Tair and has been given a unique face and sprite.
Yes, he is a somewhat important character. He is the president of Bella bikini contest committee; Well, it just means he's a perv.
Additionally, Bella has been worked on slightly, giving it more NPCs.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. Gwynn’s old face was showing up during Alderin spa scene. It’s been replaced with the new face.

Progress Report

Version 1.0.4

Half of this patch is about boobs.
I am serious.

What has been added:

1. Shana has been added to Alderin spa scene. So, there are now two scenes, one with Gwynn. One with Shana.

2. A side quest “For boobs!” (2 parts) added. This quest can be activated if you bring Shana to Alderin spa where Maco can choose to have a rather one-sided, but heated, discussion of size of boobs.
This is Shana’s story quest. Her profile has also been added to extra.
Part 2 is NOT complete in this patch but you can start it.

3. Gywnn’s 3D model has been swapped out, meaning her character sprite, face, and the scene at the spa have all been changed with the new character.
She has a more likeable face and now has the largest rack among all female characters.

5. A side quest “Slimy research” added.

6. Water dungeon level 3 added alongside a side quest “Freezing riddle”.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. A few spelling corrections.

2. Water dungeon has seen some changes. Random encounter has been removed completely, and slimes were added due to “For boobs!” quest chain.

3. Other kind of slimes (fire and forest) were added in the game world as well.