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Bhavacakra Adventures 0.0.6 Remake

  • sura_tc
  • 06/13/2018 02:57 PM
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One of primary reasons I went ahead with remaking this game was that I wanted to have different building styles for different regions.
With default RTP style or RPG maker style in general, this wasn’t really possible.
Now, with this patch, Ezona is open which is considered “Western Etonia”. Look below for a side by side comparison.

  • Pierre is added back. (Another possible companion) He’s in Dolle.

  • The guild has a chef now. She’s a unique NPC.

  • This patch sees five new zones added: Dolle, Ezona, Ezona pass, road to Ezona pass, and road to Ezona. These new zones are missing NPCs and monsters.

  • Status page now has proper design. (Used to be just black background.)