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Bhavacakra Adventures 0.0.10 Remake

  • sura_tc
  • 07/10/2018 12:37 AM
Defeat penalty has been added: 10% loss in money.
Now, I’ve reached to the point that I need to remake Leona. The story cannot proceed without her. Since I decided to completely redesign her, this will probably take a while.

1. New BGM added to certain zones.

2. Donkey bear caved added for a guild quest and probably more later.

3. The (huge) outfield zone(s) to reach city Vollin is being added. You can access it now but it’s mostly empty.

4. Defeat Lord bear guild quest has been moved to a tier higher (Chapter 2) due to it needing you to reach Ezona which is perhaps too hard at low level. It has been replaced with “Loud Neighbor” quest. If you have actually finished it, I am sorry, you are screwed and need to restart.