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Version 0.1.6 Wolf

  • sura_tc
  • 12/12/2019 01:53 PM
Map wise, Alcella republic is complete. Now I need to add content to the map and I can wrap up 0.1.x and move onto 0.2.x.
Additionally, the world map will become one of loading screens.

What has been restored/added:

1. The last settlement on Alcella island, Inder, has been added along with a new unique NPC, Yuzu Inder.
2. The ill girl quest updated.
3. A new side quest “Girl versus a shark” added.
4. A side quest “The teaching of the world” part 1 restored.
5. A side quest “Goblin study” updated.
6. A new side quest “Daddy where art thou” added.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. I spotted several bugs in Goblin study quest. They weren’t gaming breaking but rendered the quest being unable to proceed. They’ve been corrected.

2. A major bug in Tobas crisis side quest fixed where the quest would be broken at the end. If you already had the quest at that stage, simply talk to the chieftain again to correct it.