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Version 0.4.5 Wolf

  • sura_tc
  • 09/15/2020 12:44 PM
I am now entirely focusing on closing up Eton guild quest line. Once this is done, the game will officially launch and version number will become 1.0.0.

What has been added:

1. Eton guild quest “Help me” added. This quest actually revamps Gwynn’s story quests into one. If you’ve previously worked in this quest line, it’s all invalid now. You will need to start over. This quest will put an end of Gwynn’s story, and your decision will matter.

2. Eton guild quest “Sparring partner” added. This quest introduces a member of the Silverwright family. The Silverwright family will act as a form of ultimate villains in the game. Everyone in the family is slightly, interestingly, mad. You can find out why they are so later in side quests.

3. A new unique character, Otol, is seen at Eton guild once you reach the final chapter. He does not have anything with Maco at all, but his presence is an indication that, well, people are moving on. Some leave, some join. Jasmin also takes on a different role in the guild.

4. A slight progress on Akatoob’s disappearance.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. A minor issue with tavern half-barrel tables has been worked on. It should no longer absurdly block your movement.