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Version 1.0.11

  • sura_tc
  • 02/23/2021 02:19 PM
Not much of playable contents is added in this patch. This one is for the future.

What has been added:

1. Fire dungeon level 5 added. About time, I know. This floor introduces a new monster and some new lore regarding the game world.

2. Extra menu updated. (Pierre added)

3. Cizna guild mission “Rescue!” added.

4. Two lore scrolls regarding nobility has been added to Eton grand library.

5. “Lamp kit” has been added to vendors who sell items. This kit exists to light dungeons. Some quests will require them. In some cases, you will want it because it will be too dark in deeper floors of dungeons.

6. The port city Hyur and Hyur workshop have been neglected for a long time. It’s been just an empty place.
The city has been worked in this patch. The workshop populated, places opened, more NPCs to boot.
A unique NPC, May, has been added to the workshop as well.

7. A side quest “Crab legs” added. I realize there is another side quest that goes by the same name. This quest is in Tito. I’ve worked on the hamlet as well, adding a new unique NPC as well as opening up the mine.

Below is a list of changes/fixes

1. Fire is now animated. It’s just an aesthetic change. You can see the animated fire from Hyur workshop, Eton blacksmith, Fire dungeon, and etc.