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Version 1.1.0

  • sura_tc
  • 03/24/2021 12:15 AM
There have been enough updates since 1.0.0 that I’ve promoted the version to 1.1.0.
This patch focuses mainly on opening up the city Baldar.

What has been added:

1. A side quest “A needle in haystack” added.

2. The city, Baldar, has been worked on. More places are often and more NPCs. There is also a mention of the Skeleton bandits which is one of major side quest arcs from Baldar.
More importantly, two important NPCs were added to the temple of Death, Ixar and Ekora. Ixar is the priest of Death. Ekora is the high scribe.

3. A side quest “Skeleton bandits” can start. This won’t be finished for a while.