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"This planet... is a blessing and a curse."

"It has given us the means to evolve significantly and grant us the power to create magic. But why is it here? What created it? Have we become so arrogant that we doubt our own home?

After all, we can only go so far as a species.

But among us, there is one absolute rule:

The planet only seeks those who have ascended beyond knowledge.

And taketh, it shall."

A. G. 3015:

A group of talented individuals take on their ultimate challenge as they enter Kazuri High, an institute for those who are akin to manipulating "Flow Energy", a type of magic energy that is widespread throughout Caelum.

While honing their skills, their lives are about to change as they uncover the mysteries behind their powers, while dealing with political and societal relations throughout the world.

There are more than 10 playable characters, however, the first 4 will be shown to avoid spoilers.

Kyou Tsubasa
An expert martial artist who follows the Kanotian religion. He's contracted to be a Guardian to Miyu as a part of their clans' mutual pact. However, due to circumstances regarding his family's past, he was branded with a sinister power.

Miyu Regami
A Beastian marksman who wields an extremely large railgun. As a part of the Regami family, she was eventually chosen to be the Regalia of the clan, a burden she must carry until the end of her life.

Hitoshi "Ichiro"
A remarkable swordsman who currently lives by himself. Having unable to use Flow Energy, Hitoshi sought other means of power besides breaking his physical limiter. Eventually, he moved from Helm to Souen in order to pursue this goal.

Aya Mikami
A dangerous gunslinger whose favorite hobby is to collect guns. Aya moved from Aels to Souen due to her parents seeking better job opportunities. She has led a normal life thus far, however, she couldn't help but think there is something more to her life than just being a gun enthusiast.

Lie of Caelum is an episodic Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG set in a fictional universe where magic and technology collide. The game is heavily character-driven and its strongest feature is a very flashy and versatile turn-based combat system. Completing all episodes will net you around 20-30hrs of gameplay.

A fair bit of warning to the audience out there before playing this game: The story will tackle some political, philosophical, religious, and psychological views. In addition, the game will some have suggestive themes and foul language.

Team compositions and a keen mind are keys to this game.

Stance Break:

The core of the game's battle system. With the introduction of "Chaining", techniques with multiple hits have an easier time inflicting this status effect to opponents. In order to achieve this, one must deplete an opponent's "Stance Points" to 0 by successfully hitting them. Be careful, as opponents can use this mechanic against your party as well.

Equipping Techniques:

With the lack of a regular attack command, LoC mitigates this by approaching a more strategic combat through the use of assigned techniques. With a good number of variations, you can customize your party member in order to fit your playstyle, as well as think of various strategies in order to defeat formidable opponents.

Item Loadouts:

To add on to a strategic gameplay, each character has an item loadout they can use for battle. Since you instantly recover HP and FP after battle, you don't need to micromanage often, especially against regular enemies.

Skip Battle Sequences:

This function has been added for quality of life purposes. Simply hold Z(Accept) or X(Cancel) during attacks in order to fast-forward or skip them. Note that there are certain times this function will be forcefully disabled.

Latest Blog

TRUE MODE has arrived!

"Is this all I have?"

Hey all, msazako here once again. Since there are more people involved in this game, we've decided to name our group "Classi5ed". That said, TRUE MODE IS HERE! This package includes a performance boost and some more bugs removed. The turn icons have been changed as well. We definitely appreciate all of your support and feedback. We take these seriously.

One last thing. We noticed there are players who are unsure of how the SG part of the battle system works, so they get a bit confused as to why they can't use some techniques even if they have enough FP.

Here's a simple description for this mechanic:

Special Gauge (SG):

Another core part of the battle system. The SG measures the amount of battle energy a character has. More percentage means the character has more access to stronger techniques. Be mindful of the SG percentage a technique requires, since having an insufficient amount of SG means the technique won't be able to be invoked no matter how much FP you have (or if the technique uses SG).

This explanation is also added to the front page under "Features".

Enjoy the extra challenge and please look forward to the release of Episode 1!
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  • 01/22/2020 10:07 PM
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Will not load (( TYPE ERROR ))

Weird, when I start mine, it doesn't show any errors. Can you show me a screenshot of the error?
Type error:
Cannot read property "location" of undefined.

It happens right after Shi thought of his family when starting to land.
Thanks for these reports. I've updated the download link as a result. The errors are probably happening because of the way I've put the files in a single EXE.

Hopefully this'll fix the problem.
Sorry, the bug is still there...

Have you tried updating your Java?
I had a friend playtest the game and he didn't have any problems after the first part.

I ran a couple more with other computers just to make sure and the results were the same.

Other than that, I apologize but I don't know what else could solve your problem as I'm not that experienced with Java.
I have updated Java but the bug is still there.
As soon as Shi started to land the bug occurs.

It's the first time I had this kind of bug with MV-games.
Mostly it was missing files...
I've updated the download file again for optimization and FPS lag reduction. I don't know if the bug will still occur with yours Firefly but I can only hope for the best.
Thanks for trying.
But the plane won't land. (Same bug)

Hopefully it will work for others.
For some reason when I try to save it goes to the save menu, but won't save.

EDIT: Never mind I didn't know you had to find a save point XD. I am such a dumb, dumb. Sorry.

For some reason when I try to save it goes to the save menu, but won't save.

EDIT: Never mind I didn't know you had to find a save point XD. I am such a dumb, dumb. Sorry.

Haha you're good! Glad you solved it!
I tried it again with the extended demo and finally was able to land. But the next bug occurred while entering the first battle:
Type Error: Cannot read property „whpless“ of undefined.
I tried it again with the extended demo and finally was able to land. But the next bug occurred while entering the first battle:
Type Error: Cannot read property „whpless“ of undefined.

Yeah, I kinda got frustrated when I ran across that error. It's probably 'cuz of me trying to encrypt game data and keeping my self-created animations, images, and database stuff from being stolen lol.

Regardless, everything should be working fine now. The download link is also updated!
I'm kinda stuck: while the first scene with the airship flying across the sky and people talking loads just fine, the next scene loads for an eternity and still loads and I'm not sure why it's taking it so long.
Who did your animations? Could they help me with my game or do they know somebody who can help me with them?
Who did your animations? Could they help me with my game or do they know somebody who can help me with them?

Not sure if that question was a joke or not, but I did the animations lmao. As for helping, that's a maybe. If you want to contact me through PM or discord, feel free to do so!
This is a very cool-looking game with beautiful anime art-style and I love sci-fi! xDD

I really wish to play the extended demo, but I get stuck in the loading screen right after the intro scene with the space-ship (Beautifully done scene btw). After that, I can't continue further because of being stuck in the loading screen x(( I might have done something wrong? (I also tried closing off other open programs to check if it was a memory issue, but to no avail.)

It could be a problem on my PC. Either way, I'll just check out the Gameplay demo instead, and hopefully, my PC can handle it. xD

I subscribed to your youtube channel btw, very cool gameplay stuff!


Okay, I've tried the Gameplay demo and was able to get past the loading screen from the Intro, yay! xDD Sadly, it was kinda laggy on my PC, so I guess my PC specs really is the problem x( I did get until the first battle when the bats appeared, after that, my PC just froze x((.

Still, from I've played so far, I really love it!! The graphics, the ambiance, and the music are all very nicely put together! I might actually try playing this at a friend's house, a friend that doesn't have laggy PC like I do. xP I'll be keeping in touch with this awesome game! ^_^

You must have at least a decent NVIDIA/AMD video card (minimum is probably the 500 series, but let me know if any of your old gfx and on-board gfx work) to run this game. Otherwise, you will be faced with errors. This is mostly due to Khas' Ultimate Graphics requiring them.

First of all, thanks for the interest and the sub!
The current download link is old since I removed the new version due to some game-breaking bugs. I suggest downloading the game again (Since I just updated it now) to make sure if it works.

EDIT: Nevermind haha! Yeah, the requirements for this game are kind of towards the higher end PC's due to the lightning and several plugins.
I see, that's too bad then! But I still am rooting for this game! ^_^ (Better upgrade my PC soon, I'm starting to miss out on many cool games. xD)
Hello! I remember you from "forums.rpgmakerweb.com", despite the changed username ^.^ I'm on the forums there as well, you may remember me as the creator of Delta Origins. I finally decided to create an account here, because I never did >.<

Anyway, I think your game looks cool! I might try it out when I have time ^.^
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