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TRUE MODE has arrived!

  • Vionneta
  • 01/19/2020 08:45 AM
"Is this all I have?"

Hey all, msazako here once again. Since there are more people involved in this game, we've decided to name our group "Classi5ed". That said, TRUE MODE IS HERE! This package includes a performance boost and some more bugs removed. The turn icons have been changed as well. We definitely appreciate all of your support and feedback. We take these seriously.

One last thing. We noticed there are players who are unsure of how the SG part of the battle system works, so they get a bit confused as to why they can't use some techniques even if they have enough FP.

Here's a simple description for this mechanic:

Special Gauge (SG):

Another core part of the battle system. The SG measures the amount of battle energy a character has. More percentage means the character has more access to stronger techniques. Be mindful of the SG percentage a technique requires, since having an insufficient amount of SG means the technique won't be able to be invoked no matter how much FP you have (or if the technique uses SG).

This explanation is also added to the front page under "Features".

Enjoy the extra challenge and please look forward to the release of Episode 1!