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Stop, Drop, Noir!

Perched on the precipice of endless void-- a single seedy city. Detectives “Smoke & Fire” Rem and Wednesday face a puzzling situation as the curtain lifts on Halloween night. Go broke, or investigate a rollickingly risky mafia mystery? The answer is clear.

Search for the void’s greatest criminal minds, uncover the shocking secrets of the underworld!


All sprites in the game are 100% custom made!

Meet mysterious characters and needle information out of ‘em!

Rem and Wednesday rely on wits, not fists-- no battles!


Demo contains 30 min - 1 hr of content. Check out the devblog here!

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  • PumpkinNoirDev
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 06/02/2017 07:56 AM
  • 03/10/2023 11:57 PM
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Looks too good not to give it a try
Checked it out - great start! I love the writing - dialogues are entertaining.
Thanks for the comments, glad you liked the demo!
I really like the direction this game is heading. The atmosphere is set up rather quickly and is certainly nice. There's a few lines of dialogue early on that could very easily be setting up or cluing us in to later plot-lines. The character designs are also very enjoyable. I did notice a few minor problems in the demo that I'd like to point out, I do hope I don't seem like I'm nitpicking. Honestly, most of these have probably been already brought to attention.

There seems to be a few problems with the boundaries of some areas. This allows Rem to walk past where he is intended on occasion. I only seemed to find this in the first few game screens though:

There's a typo here and there but it's really no big deal:

Lastly the hitboxes for transferring areas can be a bit odd at times. In the screenshot below moving one space downward will cause the player to be transfer to the room to the left. The player could however, have just came from the left room and be attempting to move downward on this screen instead of transferring to the next.

I apologize, I am hoping this is very slightly hopeful as opposed to obnoxious nitpicking. The issues are mostly minor though so I hope it didn't come off otherwise. Sorry about this mess of a post.

notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
I saw this get reviewed in NitroRad! Good stuff!
I saw this get reviewed in NitroRad! Good stuff!

Ditto. Game looks good, keep it up.
Thank you for the feedback and support! I tried to get all the passability issues and typos sorted before the demo, but it seems a few slipped through the cracks. Rest assured the problems will be fixed in the final release!
Your game looks great, keep up the good work. (justed watched Nitro Rad do a video on it)
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