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Rest in Paradise...Bifune Conejito...

…This is…Jen from Jen&Sis.

I’m here to…I really don’t know, but I guess this is part of the healing process, but…if you’ve played “Voices of Friendship”, there is a part where you come across a bunny that could talk.

Well that bunny was real, and his name was Bifune and his owner…was me.

On March 21, Bifune passed away in my arms from a seizure due to his organs failing, and I’m not going to lie, it’s been really hard to deal with. I’ve taken a break from creating due to this, and for that, I am sorry.

Bifune was priceless, and was always there either at my door, or under my feet while I worked on our games, especially VoF. He is irreplaceable, and even though he was just a rabbit…he was simply the best thing that had came into my life. No matter how much I stressed about a game deadline, he was there to calm me down. He will be truly missed.

I just wanted to put this here for you guys to let you know that the little bunny you encounter is much more than a game character, he was my heart. I hope even in the game, he makes you smile, as he did for me everyday.

This is Jen from Jen&Sis…signing off for awhile.
Bifune Conejito…Rest in Paradise my sweet boy.


VoF Nightmare Maze Guide

Hey guys!

We have added a "Nightmare Maze Game Guide" to the downloads. This guide was originally started in December 2018, and was suppose to be a FULL walk-through guide, but was abandoned due to people wanting to know more about the death log and the VoF Endings. That's the reason why both of them look VERY similar. We didn't want this guide to go to waste, so we decided to go ahead and release it.

We really hope this guide helps people out who are having a bit of trouble going through the "Maze of the Lost & Forgotten". Trust us, the original maze was WAY harder to get through, so consider yourself lucky and kudos to the ones that actually figured out the original maze themselves.

Thanks again for having interest in "Voices of Friendship" and this is Jen&Sis, signing off!


Why VoF!? WHY!!!???


Hey guys. We are here (even though we don't want to be) for an update on VoF. Yes, a stinking update on a game that has been completed since February 2019. So sit down, grab some snacks, and listen to the crappy tale of our woes! Sis, how about you start it off...

Okay, so a couple of days ago, we were looking at a gameplay video of VoF on YouTube. During one of the scenes, we noticed that the lighting was weird looking. At the time we didn't think much of it, until...THE GAME BLEW UP!

Girl what are you talking about!? The game didn't blow up! Y'know what, I'll just tell the story!

So like that crazy gal was saying, we didn't think much of it, until we checked the VoF files on our end, and LONG AND BEHOLD, the glitch manifested itself and I'm not going to lie, I was about to chuck my computer out of the window!

She was going to make that computer believe it could fly!

But no worries, we have found the issue, and have updated the lighting file! So, like always, here is the changelog (v 2.2.4):

  • Updated Lighting File

  • Updated v 2.2.4 patch

Since we were already messing with the files of VoF, we also decided to update the "VoF Tip Sheet". We found out that a lot of people were abandoning the game because they were getting stuck on the "Nightmare Maze". So we added a hint on there on how to conquer the "Nightmare Maze" like a pro.

Alright now, we really hope that VoF gets its life, and stops creating problems. We are working hard on other things, so it gets a little agitating that we STILL have to come back to it. But we hope you enjoyed our sad little tale, and this is Jen&Sis...signing off!


Voices of Friendship Update & Patches

Ellohay everyone! I'm Jen from Jen&Sis!

Mew! I'm Sis from Jen&Sis!

I bet you all are like, "I thought they were done with VoF!?"
Well, we thought so too, until we were told about a bug that hinders progress. But no worries, it is all fixed now, and ready to go. We have updated the v patch as well, which will make the game v 1.2.5.

The changelog has been updated and these are the fixes that have been added (v 1.2.5):
  • Updated Reaper's Instructions

  • Tweaked Hall of Opposites

  • Sped Up Unfortunate End Credits

  • Added a clue to "Trivial Pursuit"


We also made a patch for v 2.2.4, because there were some fixes that needed to be looked into, and we also did some updates while we were fixing the bug.

The changelog has been updated and these are the fixes that have been added (v 2.2.4):
  • Fixed Nukoa Household Issue (Blank Screen)

  • Sped Up Unfortunate End Credits

  • Added a clue to "Trivial Pursuit"

Now, we are hoping this is the last update we have to do, because we want to start working on other projects, but like we always say, if there is a bug/glitch that prohibits your play-through, please contact us through the comments, or you can contact us directly at jen.sis.productions@gmail.com.

This is Jen&Sis, signing off.





If you have time, please check out a special video that we made. We just wanted to show our appreciation!

Love ya'll and this is Jen&Sis, signing off.


VoF 2?

Hello Everyone!
A lot of people are asking us if we will be making a VoF2. We would love to because the story is already written, but really, the choice is yours. If the good out ways the bad, we will make it after the next few games that we have in mind are released. We just don’t want to work our butts off on a sequel, and then no one plays it. So let us know in the poll!!!

Click the link below to cast your vote or if you don't want to vote, you can leave a comment with your opinion:



Voices of Friendship Game Guide is COMPLETE!

Ellohay everyone. This is Jen from Jen&Sis!
Mew! I'm Sis from Jen&Sis.

The Voices of Friendship Game Guide has been updated and complete. Now, when we say updated, we had to scrap the idea of doing a full walkthrough of the game, because we had a few people tell us that they would prefer a game guide that just explained ALL the Death Logs and ALL the Endings, so that is what we did.

If you want a FULL walkthrough of Voices of Friendship, we would suggest checking YouTube. There are a few YouTubers that have completed the game, so you can use those for help, and you can also ask us, because we are happy to help as well!

We hope this game guide helps everyone and now, it's time to go to bed. We're exhausted. This is Jen&Sis...signing off.



There is no time for formalities, because we are excited to say that VoF is ready to rumble!

We apologize for the wait, but man, we have fixed SO MUCH STUFF that we are confident that we will get a positive feedback about the game.

Now, we are sad to say that if you already have the game, you won't be able to port your save files over because we had to abandon some of the scripts we were using and add new ones. So, we are sorry, but most of the changes we made are in the beginning of the game, so don't feel down. Just finish your play-though on the current game file that you have.

Anyway, here is the changelog (2019.01.07):
  • Fixed Yami Pop Message Crash

  • Well Lighting Issue

  • Added Image for "No Save File"

  • Merged Nightmare Maps

  • Added fall mechanic to Nightmare Gate

  • Changed mice mechanic in Nightmare

  • Tweaked Nightmare Reaper's Instructions

  • Updated Soul Gauge

  • Tweaked Maze of Forgotten - Maze 1

  • Changed Maze of Forgotten - Maze 2

  • Tweaked Maze of Forgotten - Maze 3

  • Updated Car Ride Scene

  • Tweaked Maze of Opposites

Now, we hope that this update pleases the masses, because we have other games that we need to work on. (lol) If all goes well with v 2.2.4, we can get back to updating the game guide and adding more pages. But seriously, thank you all for standing beside us this whole time. We know that VoF wasn't perfect, but we hope this version makes up for it.

That is all that we have you today, so this is Jen&Sis, signing off.


Hey everyone. We feel so stupid. Ugh...
We just found out that the v 2.2.4 started on a map that is wasn't suppose too. (Due to us rushing) We apologize for the rookie mistake. If you downloaded the game and you start on a weird map, then just re-download the game.

Also, we made a patch for v 1.2.4. We made it because it fixes a few things, but it doesn't make the game v 2.2.4, but v

Here is what it fixes:
  • Fixes Yami Pop Message Crash

  • Fixes Well Menu Lighting

  • Tweaked Hall of Opposites




We are here for an important announcement! We have taken the VoF download off this page, because we are working on some BIG changes, due to comments we have heard about the game. We don't want people to continue to download the game and have issues with it, so we have taken it from the public until the updates have been made.

Please be patient with us, and we hope that the changes we make to VoF will make it a better game for people who play it in the future!



Thank you so much for the support, and we hope you have a marvelous Christmas with friends and family!
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