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Voices of Friendship v 1.2.4 & Patch!

Ellohay everyone. This is Jen from Jen&Sis.
Mew! This is Sis from Jen&Sis!

We are back here again with yet another update, but this update changed a lot of things with the game!
Kudos goes out to YouTuber FlareBlitzed for his playthrough, because without his videos, we wouldn't have known that VoF was breaking and glitching in certain spots. That's the reason we try to watch ALL VoF Playthroughs, because everyone doesn't have time to contact us about EVERY glitch they come across. So, we have done a HUGE update and please see the changelog below:

2018.12.18 (v 1.2.4)
  • Added the save point in "Trivial Pursuit"

  • Moved the waterfall in "Breaking Point" due to passability issues

  • Moved door in the backyard, so you don't have to go under the roof anymore

  • Fixed Gekte Menu (CH 6-11)

  • Fixed known spelling errors found throughout game

  • Took off roof in nightmare prom stage due to passability caution

  • Added "Hold down to speed through text" to VoF controls in the start of the game

  • Fixed text issue in Gekte Well

  • Fixed Credit lighting

  • Changed font on VoF Controls

Please update your VoF Game to this version (well, if you want too. The choice is yours to make) We hope that this fix helps out people now and in the future. Thanks for supporting us in this crazy endeavor of a game, and this is Jen&Sis, signing off.


Voices of Friendship v 1.1.4 & Patch UPDATE!

Ellohay everyone. This is Jen from Jen&Sis.
Mew! This is Sis from Jen&Sis.

We're back on here up here with another update. We watched a walk-through of Voices of Friendship on YouTube, and saw a glitch when you meet Pimp the Imp, he messes with the lights in the house. We have fixed that problem and updated the game file and the patch. If you don't know who this character is, we would advise to update your game.
It's still v 1.1.4 because it's such a small fix (it was a switch issue).

We hope that helps some folks out, and always, let us know if there is any problems with VoF.

That's all we have for today and this is Jen&Sis, signing off.


...Voices of Friendship (v 1.1.4) Update........again....

Hey everyone. We're on here (again) with another patch/game update. Now we know we just did an update, but what can we do? we can't help it that our game is a troll. Ugh...making a game is not an easy feat. But we try to keep the game up to date when we get e-mails of bugs and glitches so we don't have the same problem being presented to us.

But we want to get real for a second. If you guys ever make a game and have to do a whole bunch of patches and game updates, don't get discouraged. Trust us, we have been there. Constantly going in to fix one thing and then like hours or days later having to fix something else (because everyone gets a different experience when playing the game, which means problems can be hidden anywhere). But for those who understand why so many patches have come out and has not complained and stuck with us, thank you, because it's one of those discouraging days for us, but we will get over it and keep pressing on with our work.

With this game, we have learned how much we can do with the engine, how to make events run better, and overall how to make future games better. Anyway, thanks for hearing our rant, and the update for the patch and game file are available now.

This is Jen&Sis, signing off.


Voices of Friendship v 1.1.4 & Patch UPDATE!

Ellohay everyone! This is Jen from Jen&Sis! Heller there! This is Sis from Jen&Sis! You see how I switch it up! Eh eh!

As you can see, I'm back. I'm feeling a bit better, so I'm able to do an update with Sis. But to the important stuff.

Sis and I received an e-mail about the part of the Gekte menu crashing. To our surprise, there were files missing. Now, we have no clue what could have possibly happened (because we're not experts), but we took care of the matter, and since it was such a huge update, we decided to spruce up other things with the game to make it better.

Yea, so here is the changelog update (v 1.1.4):

  • Fixed Passage issue in the "Trivial Pursuit" Maze

  • Fixed some tileset issues

  • Updated a faceset issue in Nightmare Maze

  • Updated a passage issue in the Opposites Maze

  • Took out a testing event in the nursery

  • Placed missing menu files

  • Title screen shows version number

  • Fixed script conflict in Carnavar Hall

  • Fixed character being able to move while dying

Like we always say, please let us know if there are more problems with VoF. We know our game isn't perfect, but with all the feedback we are getting, it will slowly get there. Thank you guys again for your patience and understanding!

This is Jen&Sis, signing off.


Voices of Friendship v 1.1.4 & Patch

Mew mew mew! Hello everyone, this is Sis from Jen&Sis!

It's just going to be me today, because Jen is feeling under the weather at the moment. Poor girl, she doesn't really have the greatest immune system.

Anyway, I've come on here because we have gotten some more e-mails of more bugs found, and one was a HUGE one! So please, download the patch. The reason we had to push the patch out is because there was still a testing event in the game that shouldn't be there.
When Jen and I would need to test something, we would at the event or item to the map, so we could activate it, and make sure it worked. Well, we thought we got all of them, but turns out we didn't get rid of all of them.

Lastly, there were a few map issues that got fixed along the way, so that will help everyone out in the long run.

Even though the download says v. 1.1.3, it is the v 1.1.4. We just wanted to use the same dropbox link. So no worries, you have the right game!

Here is the changelog (2018.12.09):

  • Fixed Passage issue in the "Trivial Pursuit" Maze

  • Fixed some tileset issues

  • Updated a faceset issue in Nightmare Maze

  • Updated a passage issue in the Opposites Maze

  • Took out a testing event in the nursery

If anyone is still having issues with the "Trivial Pursuit" maze, download this map file and put it in the data folder which can be found in the patch folder!

Download map file here:


I hope that this patch and update will help people out and if any more bugs/glitches are found, please let Jen&Sis know. Well, I'm hungry so I'm going to blow this popsicle stand. This is Sis from Jen&Sis, signing off.


Voices of Friendship Game Guide - Chapter 1 DONE!

Ellohay everyone. This is Jen from Jen&Sis! Mew! This is Sis from Jen&Sis!

Well everyone, we are excited to say that the first part of the VoF Game Guide is complete. The first part covers everything that a player can do in Akana's apartment. If you are stuck somewhere, or want to see if you missed any secrets, this game guide is just for you.

We will be working on the next part of the game guide and hopefully will have it up soon. Let us know how you like it. Download it today!

Also, there is something else we would like to address. We have been getting a few e-mails about a glitch in Maze 2: Trivial Pursuit (If you don't know what that means, you will get there eventually). It seems like there is a part of the maze, that won't let you pass. Now, it's only effecting some games, not all. So if you don't have this problem, great! If you do get this glitch, PLEASE LET US KNOW! This glitch is from some of the scripts geting jumbled up through the downloading process, but it's only at that part, because when we playtest it on our file, it works fine for us. We will still look into the matter and see if there is a permanent fix, but at the moment, you will have to be patient with us and notify us if this glitch happens to your game...

But we can say, from the people who have reached out to us with this glitch, they have fixed it themselves by:
  • Saving their game files

  • Re-downloading the game

  • Plugging their save files back in

  • Playing from the last save file and it working perfectly fine

That is all for today, this is Jen&Sis, signing off.


Voices of Friendship 1.1.3 & Patch

Hello everyone. We're here to tell you that v. 1.1.3 is available for download. We also put out a patch for folks who have any v 1.1.2 and higher.

Also, we would like to send a special shoutout to a lovely person by the name of Shaiel. This update wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't her attention to detail. Thank you!

# =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

1. Download the patch from the game site
2. If the patch folder doesn't exist in your game folder, copy it in
-If you already have a patch folder, copy and replace the existing patch
3. Once the patch folder has been copied, the game will be updated
4. After the game is updated, all the fixes will be applied and you can continue
your playthrough of VoF

Please look below for the changelog (11.28.2018):
# =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

2018.11.16 (v 1.1.0)
  • Fixed framerate issue

  • Updated some cinematic events

  • Fixed the pop-up about missing "Neon Signs"

  • Fixed bugs in the nightmare maze

  • Updated icon for broom (so it doesn't look like a plunger)

  • Updated Kanji's movement, so he can't block door way

  • Updated grammatical errors

2018.11.19 (v 1.1.1)
  • Fixed light flickering

  • Fixed some events in Night

  • Spelling error found in Nightmare

  • Changed a few events in Nightmare (Lord, this game is a nightmare, who are we kidding)

2018.11.26 (v 1.1.2)
  • Fixed the "VL Gothic" font issue

  • Fixed the "RPGVXAce RTP" issue

2018.11.28 (v 1.1.3)
  • Fixed Diary Page Menu

  • Fixed Gekte Book Menu (CH 1-5)

  • Fixed Menu in the Nukoa House

  • Fixed Menu from being activated when "Soul Gauge" reaches 0

We hope this helps everyone out! This is Jen&Sis, signing off.


Voices of Friendship Game Guide in Progress!

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to do a quick announcement about the VoF Game Guide. We thought that it would be helpful for us to make a game guide, just in case people got stuck, or they wanted to know ALL THE SECRETS!

We are in the process of making it, but we will be uploading them in chapters, because to do the game guide all at once would be a lot for us. I mean, we're still trying to take a break from working on VoF. But we hope to have the first chapter done soon, and this is Jen&Sis, signing off.

Progress Report

Voices of Friendship v 1.1.2

Ellohay everyone. I'm Jen from Jen&Sis.

Mew! I'm Sis from Jen&Sis.

We both hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to eat lots of yummy food. We know we did! But enough of that...we need to talk! Dun dun DUUUNNNN!!!

Okay guys, Sis and I had to come on here for another update. We've been getting messages from folks saying that when they download the files, the game won't start because of fonts missing or the RPGVXAce RTP is missing.

So we have patched the game up and updated the download. Here is the changelog (2018.11.26):

  • Fixed the "VL Gothic" font issue

  • Fixed the "RPGVXAce RTP" issue

Now the next issue that needs to be addressed-

Aw Jen, do we really have to get into that?

It's so embarrassing...

It's not that embarrassing Sis, but yes, it has to be addressed.

Anyway, we've been seeing some YouTube videos of gameplay of Voices of Friendship (and let us tell you, we are stoked that people are taking the time to play our game on YouTube), and we've been seeing a lot of comments about how much the framerate tanks in the "Maze of the Lost & Forgotten".

The reason why this happens is because there are events running in the background that are the foundation for these mazes to work properly. For Sis and I to go back through and try to, I guess "fix" them, would probably take like 6 months, because we would have to change EVERYTHING! With that being said, we assure you that when you're out of the mazes, the framerate will catch back up!

Yea yea! Please don't worry yourselves. It's not our fault that RPG Maker VX Ace can't keep up. I mean, why do you think they made MV? Hahah! But really guys, we hope you guys can just stick with the game. Don't let the Nightmare Maze deter you from the rest of the game, because there is SO much more to experience.

Well said Sis. Anyway guys, we hope that cleared the air a little bit, and we hope that v 1.1.2 treats y'all well. Thank you so much for sticking with us, and this is Jen&Sis, signing off.


Voices of Friendship v 1.1.1

Hey everyone. We are back again with another update. Oh my gosh, we are just so sorry that we have to keep updating our problem child, but we had a feeling it wasn’t going to be nice.

We’ve been finding issues when Let’s Players play our game, and when we see them, we hurry up and try to update it. It’s really hard to keep up with VoF issues, because we are only getting feedback by watching these YouTube videos.

So, here is the update changelog (11/19/2018):

  • Fixed light flickering in menu

  • Fixed some events in Night 1

  • Spelling error found in Nightmare

  • Changed a few events in Nightmare (Lord, who are we kidding, this game is a nightmare)

We hope you aren’t too mad at us, but this is what comes with making a game. Alright, this is Jen&Sis, signing off.