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Voices of Friendship v 1.1.0 is now available!

If you have downloaded VoF v 1.0.0, you will have problems with your game later on. Please re-download the game (v 1.1.0) and transfer your saves over. You have been warned!

...Okay. So Sis and I have seen some videos of our game and have noticed a few problems with them.

But don't worry, we have fixed ALOT of bugs. Here is the changelog (11/16/2018):

  • Fixed framerate issue

  • Took out a testing event that will stop your story progress

  • Updated some cinematic events

  • Fixed the pop-up about missing "Neon Signs"

  • Fixed bugs in the nightmare maze

  • Updated icon for broom (so it doesn't look like a plunger)

  • Updated Kanji's movement, so he can't block door way

  • Updated grammatical errors

Also, if you're curious about what your FPS is, just press "F2". If there is still issues with framerate, we will up the FPS Cap.

Lastly, there will be 2 versions of Voices of Friendship available. There will be a 70 FPS Cap for casual gamers who aren't going to use recording software, and there will be a 100 FPS cap for let's players who want to record our game for their channel.

I think I've covered everything. We are SO sorry for any inconvenience that our problem child has given you! But I need to go to bed...it's 5:37 a.m. This is Jen, signing off



Ellohay everyone. This is Jen from Jen&Sis.

I just wanted to come on here and let folks know that there this is a bug in the beginning of the game. But don't worry, we are in the process of getting it fixed. We will be putting out a new download with the fix, so no worries!

We are also aware that there is a frame rate issue. We will also be fixing that as well. RPG Maker VX Ace caps any game at 60 FPS, so that's why it seems to be lagging in certain areas of the game.

But please, if you see ANY bugs with our problem child, please let us know! Thank you, and this is Jen, signing off.


If you have already started playing VoF, there should be a way to transfer your saves to the fixed game. We will be putting in a .text file in the patched game to help you with that.



MMMMMEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!! It is finished!!! Our problem child has moved out and went to the real world!

Geez, someone's excited.

Are you freaking kidding me right now!? You out of all people should be jumping for joy. I'm surprised you aren't over there twerking! Our freaking game is done Jen! We are finally free!!!!

Wow, I guess you're right. I guess it hasn't sunk in yet. I mean, we've been working on this game for...4+ years.

4+ years...of endless torment...and bugs...and script failures...and-

Jen, snap out of it. Don't let our game take you to the dark side of despair and sadness! C'mon, I know what will make you feel better.



Okay, I must admit Sis, this definitely makes me feel better. Better yet, I'M ECSTATIC! One of our biggest dreams have come true! We actually made a game, and people are going to play it! It's SO exciting!

Yes, that's the spirit! Let the joy overcome you! This is freaking awesome!


Oh man, we're sorry for going off on a tangent there, but we are really excited. It's 1:56 a.m. right now, and Sis and I are literally zombies from fighting with our game, but in the end, VoF is done and ready for download! We are truly grateful for your support and patience. We know that we are pass the deadline, but we made the decision that we would rather have a working game that came out late, instead of a rushed game that came out on time that was full of problems.

Anyway, Sis and I need to go to sleep, before we fall out at our computers, but again, we want to thank you guys! You guys are truly the best and Sis and I hope that you will enjoy Voices of Friendship!

And with that, this is Jen&Sis, signing off.

Progress Report

Progress Report #13: 10/08/2018

Ellohay. I'm Jen from Jen&Sis.

It's just going to be me today because this progress report is going to be quick, and Sis is busy at the moment.

To start off, Sis and I would like to apologize for our absence. We have been busy, but we have managed to get some more groundwork done with VoF. Now, we are on crunch time because we have set the release date to be Halloween, and I'm not going to lie, we are freaking out! The reason being is because our problem child (VoF) decided it wanted to break all of a sudden. Ugh, it's so irritating!

So we've been trying to get VoF back online so we can get it released to the public. I don't know why, but I feel like I need to explain something. VoF is Sis and I's VERY FIRST GAME! We made this game when we knew nothing about RPG Maker, but when we learned new things, VoF evolved into what it is today. The reason for all the breaks is because sometimes we have old events or scripts that we missed that mess with what we have and then everything goes to crap. So, we are now forced to go through the game again with a fine toothed comb, and make sure we don't miss anything.

But that is all I have for you guys. I hope I explained everything to the best of my ability. Have a wonderful week and this is Jen, signing off.

Progress Report

Progress Report #12: 09/10/2018

Ellohay. I'm Jen from Jen&Sis.


Um Sis, you have to introduce yourself to everyone.

Oh right, I'm sorry everyone. I'm just so tired.

Hi, I'm Sis from Jen&Sis.

*yawn* I apologize for my sleepyness.

Heh, you mean sleepiness. I swear, when you get tired you stop speaking English, and start speaking Sissynese. Y'know what? Let's make this Progress Report short so you can get some shut-eye.

Okay, sounds gwod...I mean good to me. You can do all the twalk...talking, and I'll just stand here and look kute...cute. Darn you Sissynese!

Oh my, you poor thing.

Hello again guys. We are here for the an VoF update. So, VoF is actually coming along well. We finally finished the big event we were working on, and now we are making sure that there are no bugs in the game (because we had to get rid of some scripts that we weren't using anymore). So for the most part, things are looking good, and we should be able to start credits this week.

Thank you guys again for being patient with us. We can't stress how hard it is to make a game, and toggle life, working, family, and other things that we have on our plate.

Um Sis, you have anything to else to say before we close out?


And she's out for the count. Okay guys, I'm going to go put Sis to bed. This is Jen&Sis, signing off.

Progress Report

Progress Report #11: 08/20/2018

Ellohay. I'm Jen from Jen&Sis.

Hey hey hey! I'm Sis from Jen&Sis!

Whew, the past few weeks have been so freaking hectic. We both apologize for being MIA for so long. But we do have some things to go over regarding VoF.

Le gasp! Oooohhh, you said freaking!

Oh for crying out loud. I don't have time to deal with you. Anyway, as for VoF, even though we've been gone for awhile, we actually got some heads way with the battle system we were working on. We are really proud of it. We are now putting the finishing touches on it, and working some cinematic events and text that goes along with the battle.

It took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of play testing, but we finally got what we wanted. Oh man...

I'm just so excited!!!!

Yea, I'm excited too Sis. We will have more time to work on the game this week, so we're hoping to get a lot done, like getting the battle system completely done and working on the last scene.

Lastly, we hope you all have a wonderful week, and we will give ya'll another update next Monday. This is Jen&Sis, signing off.

Progress Report

Progress Report #10: 07/23/2018

Ellohay. This is Jen from Jen&Sis.

Dun da daaaaaaa!!! This is Sis from Jen&Sis.

This will be a quick update on how VoF is coming along and for what's to come. As for VoF, the big event we are working on is going smoothly. Now, I must say, we didn't get all the time we wanted to work on it, but the time we did have, we definitely got some core things done, such as attack mechanics and damage events.

Yea, we are definitely happy with the progress we made. The event is ssssslllooowwwllyyy getting there, but shoot, it's better than nothing.

Exactly. I'm personally really excited about the event and it's neat because it's all from scratch, so it's like we put our own personal touch on it.

As for what's to come, Sis and I will be unable to post a update for the next 2 weeks. Our schedules are full to the bream with other tasks, so we won't be available to post a progress report.

Shoot, we don't even know if we're going to have time to actually work on the game.

But don't worry, whenever we have even a little bit of free time, it will be spent working on VoF.

And making sandwiches!!!!

Ugh, anyway, that's all we have for today, and we are Jen&Sis, signing off.

Progress Report

Progress Report #9: 07/16/2018

*sigh* Ellohay everyone...this is Jen from Jen&Sis.

...Oh, this is Sis...from Jen&Sis.

Man, I didn't know that when life gave you lemons, it steals them back, waits until they get moldy, makes lemonade with the moldy lemons and glass shards, and then forces it down your throat.

As you can see, it's been a little rough at Jen&Sis Productions. We haven't been doing our regular progress reports, because we have either been stuck at work, sick, or stressing over other things. We both apologize for our absence, and hope we can stay on track from now on.

Yea, we are rrrreeeeaaaallllllyyyyyyy sorry.

As for Voices of Friendship, here is the update. We have currently been working on the last big event that we talked about in one of our other progress reports. It is very close to being done. I'm hoping we can get it squared away by the end of this week. There is a battle system I want to take crack at, but it takes a lot of brain power and thinking out of the box for me to get it to work properly.

As for when the game will be released, we were trying to get push it out early and have it done by the end of June (even though of release date is Oct 31), but as Jen has said, life had been a big poopie-head, and now things have been pushed back.

From now on, we will not give out any more dates. We are just going to try our best and get everything done in a timely manner, and get it out on or before our release date (if life permits us).

Anyway, that is all that we have for you all today, and we hope to have time to give you another progress report next Monday. Thank you everyone for being patient with us, and this is Jen&Sis, signing off.

Progress Report

Progress Report #8: 06/11/2018

Ellohay everybody! This is Jen from Jen&Sis.

Mmmeeeewww! This is Sis from Jen&Sis!

Oh wow, where do I begin? So much has happened since the last progress report. Well for starters, Sis and I both celebrated our birthdays.

Uh huh! My birthday is May 26, and I had a blast!

Mine is June 7, and I had a much needed break from the world.

So that's the reason why we didn't put up a progress report, because we just wanted to take a breather and enjoy our days.

That's right! That break was so deserved. I spent my break eating lots of yummy nom nom food!

Yea, trust me I know! But on to what really matters, let's talk about VoF. Ugh. So, after the break, we started working back on the game. We experienced good things, and we experienced bad things.

We got some cinematic events done, which is awesome, but we were running into some issues with one of the maps, well me especially. I was having the hardest time getting the map laid out like it was in my brain into RPG Maker. We aren't using parallax mapping (but trust me, for all our other games, that will be happening!), so it was becoming quite troublesome.

Yea. It just sucks when you have something in your head, and then you try to impli-...uh...implimi-....

Do you mean "implement"?

Yea! Implement it to your game, and you don't have everything you need to do it, so you have to keep changing it to get it as close as possible to your main idea. Ugh, it's so tiring and stupid!

Exactly! So, we are still getting some map things out of the way, so we can focus on other things. Man, making a game is so bittersweet. The progress is so grueling, but just knowing that when it's done, people from all over will be playing it, it's so worth. Anyway, hey Sis, shut this progress report down with the outro!

OOOHHHHH YYYEEAAA! That is all we have for you today, and we are Jen&Sis, signing off!

Progress Report

Progress Report #7: 05/21/2018

Ellohay everybody! This is Jen from Jen&Sis!

It's just going to be me today, because Sis is busy working her job. I just have a small update for VoF. We managed to get the last bad ending completed. It was actually really fun (and challenging) to sprite edit exactly what we wanted for the bad ending cinematic event. But I'm happy to say, we are completely done with all bad endings.

The next thing on our list is a very important event that is really important for the story-line. It may take a bit because it's a BIG event. We have to do mapping, sprite editing, and cinematic events.

After that event is done, we have to work on credits (which honestly shouldn't take to long), and clean up the game file. Please be patient with us, because we are getting to the ending point. It's a bit hard to work 100% on the game, when Sis and I have to be hard working citizens, but we are doing our best.

That is all for the update, and this is Jen from Jen&Sis, signing off.