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“They say that God is Good. That God is Great. But what world has he made? Look around. This is all we have. This is the World. How do you stand the disappointment?”

Cinders tells the story of the last free humans of Planet Earth, and their quest to reclaim their world from the terrifying threat that has turned their friends, family, and world against them.

Callista Hayes just hasn't had a very good day. All she wanted was to steal the most valuable gem in the entire world from the devil-worshipping businessmen in charge of Earth in order to prove that she really was the Master Thief she thinks she is. Was that really so much to ask? Unfortunately, instead of getting fame, fortune, and the girl, she's instead become Planet Earth's last line of defence against an interdimensional monster bent on turning her entire universe into it's twisted design. Together with the mysterious, alluring, and really quite rude witch, Morgana Le Fay, Callista embarks on a mind-bending odyssey that will change the way she sees herself and her world forever.

- Experience the first chapter in a thought-provoking story with twists, turns, revelations, and dark secrets that only the cleverest will find.
- Do battle with your enemies in dynamic active-time combat, where you will need every one of your wits to come out alive!
- No Random Encounters! Each battle is scripted for the perfect level of challenge, and your maximumm enjoyment.
- Explore a truly alternate reality, with environments inspired by the design of classics like Symphony of the Night and The Legend of Zelda that beg to be explored!
- Engage with memorable, likeable and interesting characters, and peel back their layers as the story unfolds.
- Story Mode! A favourite feature from Ashes, Story Mode allows you to experience the game’s story at your own pace, without worrying about the combat!

Cinders Act 1 comprises approximately the first third of Cinders' story, and is estimated to take aroudn 4-6 hours to complete on Normal Mode, and significantly shorter on Story Mode.

Due to the unexpected ambition of Cinders, I've decided to make it an episodic release, with Act 2: Unbound and Act 3: The Kingdom of the Blind coming in the following months. I hope to use this opportunity to make Cinders the best game possible, and while I am exceptionally proud of Cinders and the experience that is available, I know it can only be made better, which is why if you offer feedback, I'd like to thank you by including you in the credits page for upcoming versions of the game.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy playing CINDERS!

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Story's interesting. However there are a handful of problems when it comes to gameplay. The balancing is ok as far as I see, but there are battles where you fight 6 guys and if too many of them use AOE magic you just auto-lose. One big problem I had was the chests in this game. Alot of them werent even worthwhile since they either had gear that I already have or gear that were somehow worse than what I already have. For example i counted 3 chests that had personal daggers when the most you could equip was 2. The only explanation for this I think is that they are meant to be sold. Another problem was that some of the skills were totally useless or glitched. The Magic counter skill does literally nothing. Cleave is a joke. In all the times i used poison slash I never seen it proc poison even once. Was it intentional that Cura only costs 5MP? Battle balancing was tight, maybe too tight. It would probably be impossible to defeat the act boss if i didnt kill every single encounter, since you learn key spells at certain levels and you would probably lose if u didnt have those spells. Also interesting is that the last two bosses were dealing magic damage that outpaced my conservative healing, but I managed to take them out by switching to full on attack at the last possible minute. The difficulty was pretty well designed to be honest.
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