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King Of Grayscale, Version 1.1

Hello folks! With a very special thanks to Liberty for playing KoG and pointing out some flaws that needed repair, I bring you the first and hopefully only needed patch update for King of Grayscale! Change log is as follows;

-Buffed Mind on primary caster weapons.
-Nerfed Attack on primary caster weapons.
-Buffed Stat Increasing abilities to be status granting with a temporary duration and higher strength.
-Ability on use items fixed, now correctly cost 0 MP and work as intended.
-Healing abilities buffed all around in order to try competing with the mighty Herb at late game.
-Byle is now immune to magical beneficial spells, as was initially intended (healing, reviving, buffing).
-Added a notifying message upon entry to Slate Woods about Bypass clearing.
-Added an NPC to Monochrome that clarifies the nature of battlegrounds.
-Unscrunched the face sprites.
-Switched positions on the Platina Elder and his assistant for poor Libby's sake.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Progress Report

RPG Maker 28th Birthday for KoG!

Hey guys! I was closing in on the completion of King of Grayscale, but then out of nowhere a release something event shows up literally days before I intended to be finished. Welp, all this means is now I can go back and make that bonus dungeon and relationship system I had in mind! Everything else except some dialogue before the final encounter and the ending itself is otherwise finished.

Possibly more to come over the next two weeks, and now you have a guaranteed date by when this game will be fully released! Lucian awaits!

Progress Report

Progress, in a nutshell.

Making excellent headway on this project. I would estimate that the game is now 75% complete, and at the rate I'm going, it's possible I could pop this sucker out before next year.

Monochrome, Soot, and Silver Vale are all finished. All that's left is Platina, and the final dungeon! Woo! Time to start looking for some testers!

(BTW If you're interested in being a tester for King of Greyscale, send me a PM!)
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