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King Of Grayscale, Version 1.1

  • Illy
  • 04/19/2018 06:30 PM
Hello folks! With a very special thanks to Liberty for playing KoG and pointing out some flaws that needed repair, I bring you the first and hopefully only needed patch update for King of Grayscale! Change log is as follows;

-Buffed Mind on primary caster weapons.
-Nerfed Attack on primary caster weapons.
-Buffed Stat Increasing abilities to be status granting with a temporary duration and higher strength.
-Ability on use items fixed, now correctly cost 0 MP and work as intended.
-Healing abilities buffed all around in order to try competing with the mighty Herb at late game.
-Byle is now immune to magical beneficial spells, as was initially intended (healing, reviving, buffing).
-Added a notifying message upon entry to Slate Woods about Bypass clearing.
-Added an NPC to Monochrome that clarifies the nature of battlegrounds.
-Unscrunched the face sprites.
-Switched positions on the Platina Elder and his assistant for poor Libby's sake.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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No special thanks for me? I said a thing or two. I was helpful'ish :(
Professional Amateur
Ok fine thanks to Dy too :p
Is it a fine thanks to Dy or just an ordinary thanks?

Sounds like reasonable changes were made.
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