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"I see her as very envious, you know?
Everyone fears her, while her sister is loved and

England. 1812.

9-year-old Elizabeth Hayley, while playing with her sister, got lost inside a forest and entered in a mysterious world, that has somewhat to do with her fascination with life and death, and she now must find a reason why she's there.

While at it, the little girl knows new beings who end up being immortal on her memories, both enemies and friends, and she goes on a whole dimension of puzzles and challenges, making up an experience she shall never forget...

(Sisters is an upcoming horror/mystery/fantasy puzzle RPG game made in RPG Maker VX Ace. Heavily inspired on Pocket Mirror and The Witch's House.

Gameplay features:
- Puzzles
- A few options here and there that will determine your fate in the game
- A rather... Surreal story
- No battles
- Game will come with a walkthrough notepad file in case you get stuck in the puzzles.

Planned features:
- At least three different endings.
- Original art
- Many scripts


- Planned to have lots of jumpscares/screamers
- Sensitive material (Slavery, racial discrimination, violence, etc.)
- This game may shock young, sensitive, or unprepared players - With no disposition to horror material.
- To get a better experience with the game, it is recommended you play with headphones and with the game fullscreened.)

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So, after losing all my data about the game, I’d like to be in charge of writing instead, and someone make the programming for me. If you accept it, I’ll try to accompany you and tell you about the characters’ personalities. But if you want to, we can make the programming together.
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  • 06/08/2017 12:21 PM
  • 08/28/2018 12:55 AM
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looks good

Thank you! You should see the newest pictures, where I have learned how to make parallax mapping. I didn't update for a while because there were no significant updates with the game yet.

The release date is undetermined. Sorry about tha. ^^
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