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  • Craze
  • 09/23/2017 09:16 PM

craze wanted me to tell you this about his localization

we're still working, maybe out in like a month or less? i hope?

i've tweaked enemy stats and xp drops a lot so that bosses drop like 90% of your xp gains throughout the game (dead girls now get 75% xp instead of 50% xp too, for reasons i won't get into unless you really want to know about my fixed party paranoias) -- ultimately this means that there's less of a disadvantage to running unless you need money, and also that i can make enemies a bit nastier because 1) i have a better idea of power levels and 2) mooks are, again, challenge by choice now

does that mean this game doesn't have random encounters? hahahahahaha


-sheris x


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You're magical to me.
As a Minecraft fan, I appreciate such dialogues :) As soon as you would release this game, I do want to try to play it. By the way, if one of the developers wants to play with me on one Minecraft Prison Servers, then write to me in private messages. I am now recruiting people for a more exciting pastime. And in what programming language do you write this game, C++? I am interested because I want to start developing my indie game this week, but it seems to me that I will not be able to master such a project, but I will try :)
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