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A game in production for the Retromania RMN birthday event!

This is Cast Ashore,an RPG about a Pirate captain and her sister who were attacked by the Imperial fleet trying to escape from robbing a decoy ship. Now they must take on sidequests, thefts and odd jobs to raise up the money to reclaim their ship, rebuild their crew, and get their revenge.

Martine, a Pirate captain who is down on her luck and holds a grudge for losing her ship.

Delphine, Martines sister. She is a Mage and Seer who tries to provide advice and readings for her sister, who doesn't always listen to her.

Each character has their own strengths and skills in battle.

A game made by Ocean's Dream
Tilesets, sprites and enemies: Ocean's Dream
Enemy sprites and Character sprites: Aethers
Face concept artist: Marimo
Music and sound effects: Wingless Seraph

Latest Blog

Cast Ashore demo 2!

This demo is for the RPG Maker 28th Birthday event! I've been working on this a bit ever since the first demo release.


*Biggest change of all is side view battles instead of front view.
*More characters planned to join the party, it won't be just Martine and Delphine
*Tiles remade to hopefully make it easier to see your characters
*Added to the backstory and another dungeon
*I got rid of the elemental backgrounds. You can't manipulate the fields anymore
*Added different skills to each character, they start with 3 each

It is a bit rushed due to the birthday event deadline but I hope that you enjoy and that I can continue working on it and provide a full game down the line!

Have some Makio-Kuta art!
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  • 06/11/2017 12:18 AM
  • 02/09/2021 09:25 PM
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For some reason this looks more retro than anything else from the event (so far at least).

16x16 in MV is almost scary big. Luckily tiles are pro.
Resident foodmonster
Thank you! I just put up a demo, deadlines are a harsh thing! Please lemme know any feedback, bugs or anything you come across!
Nessiah's Seme-kun
<3 <3 <3
ONCE AGAIN, it's a great start! Can't wait to see the end of the journey!
I had a good time with this one! Kind of reminds me of Crystalis, Dragon Quest and Lufia 3 all in one game. Good stuff.
What a great proof of concept. I kind of wish the NPCs bled a little less into the backgrounds, and I hope attack animations get added into the battles to make them more visually interesting BUT mechanically, this is a really strong foundation.
Downloading to sunk in this wet adventure. Plus there's a positvie comment from Visitor.
Time to grab fish fingers.
I played the demo and thoroughly enjoyed it, slew every enemy, I like this and hope to see the final product, I do have just one piece of advice; battle animations, it would improve things immensely, aside from that, this is grand, I love swashbucklers and it's about time that there was an RPG set in the golden age of pirates.
Resident foodmonster
Thank you! yeah, that seems to be a general complaint so since I'll have more time to work on it, I'll add them in!
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