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Retro goodness pirate RPG!

  • Starmage
  • 04/20/2018 11:55 AM
Hello everyone! Welcome to my review for Cast ashore by Ocean. Cast ashore is produced for the Retromania RMN birthday event, which I assume is an event that gives developers the chance to awaken their retro talents. This game shows so much of that talent.

First Impressions:

We are being greeted by retro styled title screen and sprites, which are to be expected. They are very good and really well done! The spriting style is indeed able to capture the nostalgia of how charsets were in the NES era! All I ever felt playing it was the love for nostalgia and it reminded me so much of FF1/FF2 in a good way! Always feels great to play games like these! :)


The story is about two sisters, one is a Pirate Captain, and the other a Seer. Their ship was attacked by bunch of imperial soldiers, leaving them cast ashore, losing their ship and their men. Along the way, the two sisters meets old friends, new friends and even enemies, determined in building back the life they once had, a life of theft, piracy, and etc.. What I really loved about the character interactions was her sister Delphine's self-doubts when it comes to living a life of crime and piracy, it creates great drama.


The battles were very fun and did not leave me bored or tired in any way. It felt like FF1 all over again! The enemies weren't too strong or too weak. I also love Allen's party counter-attack buff, it's a pretty useful skill. The battle is a simple turn-based combat that is juiced up by retro awesomeness.


Fantastic retro NES style graphics, just fantastic. I love the map sprites, tile-sets and side-view battlers made for this game. They really captured the essence of old-school RPG games that is reminiscent of the oldest classic FF titles! I absolutely adored everything about the visuals. The maps are great and are very appropriately used.


Music is just gorgeous! Very classic in style.. very 8-bit. They're very upbeat and great at getting me pumped up during battles! Love it!


I don't know if this is a bug, but when I got to this scene, I was able to walk around the map freely. The autorun event only started as soon as I stepped in that specific tile I was in.


What a great retro experience! It's a wonderful RPG that shows lots of promise to lovers of nostalgia such as myself! ^_^ It's very well done. I loved playing as a Pirate, I loved the retro sprites, I loved the retro music, I loved it. I'd give this a 5/5 upon completion!