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LoP:ToM was made for the RMN 10th Anniversary Retro Game Jam. A list of retroisms in the game is included below.

It is a semi-traditional RPG in the 8, 12, and 16-bit style. Made in 9 out of the alloted 10 days, of which several had little time working on it, it was quite the challenge. Adding quite a bit to this challenge is the fact that its made in RPG Maker 2000 which, until this point, I had not used before. Compared to more recent editions, VXA and MV, it is very hands-on and labor intensive. It does have its charm however.

The focus is heavily on story and exploration. There is quite a bit of combat, being a JRPG-style game, but shouldn’t pose too much trouble for anyone with moderate rpg skill. Because of that focus, and tradition, I’m keeping most of the story and characters here very ambiguous. Because retro is love-pain!

It may see some future updates and additions, but most likely will see a port to MV to allow greater depth. (Which unfortunately steals it away from the Retro style.)


Perren is a far future setting in the distant past. Or was it the other way around? Something that ties its stories and legends are the story tellers. They may embellish on a story, or change it, but most stories have their origins in history.

Long ago in the Isles, there was a time of prosperity. Good fish were gathered from the sea, gold and riches gleaned from its earth, and great ships sailed the air itself. But prosperity is fickle. Fueled by the ambitions of the Gafsk Republic the land is growing ever more hostile and the Four Elemental Artifacts power is fading. If their power fades, legend says the Isles will be no more. Hopefully a group of heroes will save the land and prevent this. Migrating island nations is such a pain.


The Reaper: Controlling the powers of cold, wind, and death, this one has the unenviable task of reaping souls. That is, freeing bound spirits to the other side. This is also the main character.

The Monster: A beast they call it. Lurking, creeping, destroying all that is good and pure. Is it really? Or is its guise simply a cruel trick of fate? Scholars aren’t quite sure.

The Shining One: Powers of fire, lightning, and light are this ones speciality. Flying above the land the Shining One dispenses its own form of justice for the Malachite Throne. And perhaps...something greater.

The Sloth: Only by being forced to learn magics of earth, water, and healing is this one of any real value. Perhaps the Sloth is a good being with low motivation? Or maybe its just a selfish thing that needs a good prodding.

Other Things-

Isles: The appropriately named islands of the archipelago south of the middle continent. It has a wide variety of locales thanks to the Four Elemental Artifacts and unusual island composition. Civilization here is quite old and many secrets await hardy explorers.

Gafsk Republic: A foreign nation with a very centralized government. Some say only Empires are evil, but more than a few Republics are reaching for the crown. Gafsk is technologically, magically, economically, and militarily powerful. Surrounding independant nations look to Gafsk with growing trepidation.

Celestial Court: The bureaucratic court of Gods, Goddesses, Forces, Powers, Deities, and more that rule the cosmos. Applicants for new Deities, returning Deities, or associate status seekers inquire with San-Guan.

Warning, this may contain minor spoilers. Its intended for people curious as to what/why certain things in the game are. Or for people who didn’t grow up playing 8-16-bit games.

Names: Common in old rpgs is mistranslated or simplified names, such as Town or Mayor. This was done partly due to space limitations of text and because some names might not have been considered appetizing to the localization team. This also includes random CAPITILIZED LETTERS and conjugated words like FSteak.

Four McGuffins: A common staple of jrpgs was having 4 mcguffins, usually of the four cardinal elements, as the major plot devices.

Helpful/Unhelpful NPCs: Whether by translation error or intentionally cryptic some NPCs offer weird advice that may not be correct. Or they could contain massive hints or spoilers for the player who talks to everyone.

Evil Empire: All Empires are evil. (Thanks HcBailly) Because its a JRPG. Although in this case its a Republic. And its not quite all evil. Just part of it.

Treasure Everywhere: Old school games had lots of treasure. Especially the games where you only got a single potion or arrow out of each chest. There is a lot of treasure in this game, but
I didn’t go completely mad.

Flying!: You know that feeling when the world opens up or you can suddenly go really fast? Flying does that. Getting an apparatus or vehicle that allows flight gives the player more options to go to more dungeons and die to that Ifreet with a bad hair day.

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