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Your save file should be compatible, just copy over the .lsd save file(s) to the new folder. Please use the Giant Headstone in the Tower of Death to save prior to updating to a future version. RM2K doesn't always create findable save files when using the menu access save function so it might be very difficult to transfer saves to a new version. The Giant Headstone save 'should' create an easily findable one in the games main folder.

Patch Notes:
1.41- Fixed transfer from Castle Town Temple.
1.4- Fixed priority of a certain statue, fixed that 1 WHIRLPOOL again so it should be beatable(huzzah the game is winnable now), fixed infinite item spawner, and whatnots.
1.3- Cow should remain dead now, countertop in inn2 lowered, significantly reduced encounter rate across the board, added more interiors to a a certain city, added a minor quest chain, added a small dungeon, added more stuffs.
1.2- Added dungeon, mini-quest chain, appropos balance changes, more stuffs.
1.1- Innkeeper function fixed, added stuffs.
1.0- Game function complete.

Known Bugs:
1.4- None reported.

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