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One day Chii is walking the path back to her home after a hard day's work and finds it blocked by a hole. Undaunted, Chii gathers her courage, makes a run and leaps over the hole! Well, that was the plan, anyway, but alas, Chii finds herself falling into the hole instead. Now she is trapped in a cavern full of puzzles and locked doors. Can Chii find a way out?

Chii's Challenge was created for the Retromania event held in honour of RMN's 10th Birthday. It's my first fully custom (graphically) game and is both quite short and quite simple. I might come back and add more to it at a later date but for now, it's complete. Woo! Please keep in mind that it's only very lightly inspired by Chip's Challenge - basically what I recall of the game. I haven't played the game for well over 20 years so my memory of it is incredibly hazy. I remember doors, locks and movement pads. And simplistic style. That's about it. So please don't expect a remake of the game or anything like that. XD

Graphics by Liberty.
Music by Ozzed (http://ozzed.net)

Latest Blog

Update Uno: Take down

Hi guys! It's been a little while but work on the project is going. Yeah, it's marked as complete and it currently is in one way, but I'm working on extending it to a longer playtime as I've mentioned in other places before and that's going ahead quite well.

I've worked up a few other graphics and have got some maps done. Naturally for me, I've been distracted by other stuff - real life and project-wise - but hey, at least there's still progress going on.

I'm also looking into commissioning someone to do a cute Chii visual, just gotta get some money rolling for it, but it should be kawaii~<3

Lastly, I had a bit of a shock a few days ago when I found out that someone had ripped the game and put the resources on TSR! I was pretty upset, partly because there was no actual lead-back to the game itself (and thus people wouldn't know who to credit for the graphics) but also because it was not something I ever thought I'd have to worry about with this project. I was pretty gobsmacked and horrified that someone had gone out of their way to steal the assets of the game and upload them somewhere with their own name attached. Fuck them!

So I put up a bit of a fuss and the game finally got removed from there (which also surprised me because afaik once a game was on TSR it stayed there, but hey, apparently the staff there are pretty reasonable and will listen when the creator asks for their game assets to be removed! Woo~)

Anyway, just wanted to keep you cool kids apprised of what was going on with this project and how it's been going. Here's a screenie for your patience!

  • Completed
  • Liberty
  • RPG Maker 2000
  • Puzzle
  • 06/11/2017 05:12 PM
  • 06/30/2022 10:37 PM
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There's something about locked doors that screams retro. Looks cool!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Game completed and review submitted! Thanks for releasing this game to the world.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
As mentioned on the Discord, these colors are my aesthetic. I'll give this a shot when I can! :)
This looks very nice! ^_^ I'm loving the original pixel arts as well as the color scheme! :)
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
Oooh looks cute, and reminds me of good ol' gameboy
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