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You play as the protagonist giving them a name and experience the world is his/her
sight. The protagonist is gender neutral, so it's up to you which gender they are.

You, the protagonist, are suffering from multiple black outs, muteness and sleep walking. All of them being symptoms of an unknown illness, or as you will find out later a curse, which will give you not more than 14 days to live.

While you are slowly slipping away hoping that a cure will be found in time, you can spend your last days with your best friend, all of your friends or just by yourself. And maybe, life will give you a second chance.

Stargaze is an story based ARP, filled with heartbreaking choices and the constant feeling of running out of time.
The game has multiple endings, a day and night cycle, with different color palettes and a beautiful soundtrack.

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  • El-Chan
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure Visual Novel
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Nice palette you got here!
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