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Fever Dream Simulator

This is an incredibly short game with very little going on in it so this review is probably going to be my shortest yet. What little I could grab from this game can only be described as something out of a deranged man's self-insert fanfiction. Grubba is just such a man.

You play as who I can only assume is meant to be Liberty who is seeking out - once again - who I can only assume is Kentona, who is locked in a dungeon in the 40th basement of Hotel Grubba. In order to save him, you must activate all statues pertaining to the mysterious Tea Kitten, granting you a key to the cell in which Kentona (also known as Mr. A) is sealed away in.

What this ends up becoming is a quest to observe everything in the game at least once in order to have the statues magically appear with no rhyme or reason behind any of it. One of the more consistent things I found was the progression in the Corridor of Time where you just enter the same door over and over again and talk to Grubba until he's replaced with a Tea Kitten statue. There's also a moment where you chuck Grubba off the rooftop of Hotel Grubba which is neither here nor there, but considering he's one strange dude with an obsession with Liberty, is a totally welcome fate.

And can we talk about this obsession thing going on? Seriously, Grubba, get a hobby. You can't just lock people up and when they start piecing the puzzle together, threaten to off them; that's not how a healthy individual behaves, Grubba... but I suppose that's the point. Also, Mr. Elevator needs to keep his thoughts to himself and do his job. "I like your hair" and "You smell nice today" aren't things I want to hear interspersed with soulless jingle music while I wait to get to my destination.

Really the whole thing is just bizarre from start to finish with the intended result being that you're left uncomfortable and wondering what would cause anyone to make a game like this. It's not fun and just screams "obsession". You'd think it'd be funny because it stars real people from a real community, but it's really not. The Tea Kitten that makes up the vast majority of the game as well as the title never seems to materialize in any significant way, which left me disappointed because that seemed to be the game's main mystery going in. Oh well.


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Thank you kindly for the review, Corfaisus! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the game. Libby and Mr. A are just some names I decided to use for some reason. They have nothing to do with Liberty and Kentona.
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