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Weird game, but in a good way!

This game made by Luiishu suddenly appeared among others on the screen, and immediately attracted me for these three words: surreal, mystery and kittens! Well yes, I love kittens, but let's stay on topic.
This is a really short game (about 18-20 minutes), but probably not the shortest I played. What immediately captivated me (beside the mentioned mystery and kitties) was the singular graphic style, that uses custom graphics with gameboy-styled tones.

Ok, let's talk about the game: this is a really unique surreal adventure in which the protagonist Libby, that lives at Hotel Grubba in a room on the 8th floor, has to save her lover, Mr A, freeing him from a locked cell. How can she do this? Well she has to look for some kitten statues. Oh yeah, the famous Tea Kittens!
Ok, I know that this makes little sense, well, play the game to learn that the truth is that the plot makes even less sense! But yes, this is a surreal game, and the beauty lies into the fact that you can interpretate Libby's adventures in different ways.


Ok, did I say adventure, didn't I? Clearly our protagonist Libby has to wander and explore the hotel, talking to bizarre entities and examining various items to find these kittens. Nothing more. No combat, puzzles, nothing... BUT you have to read to understand sometimes your next move, even if it's not always clear what you are expected to do. Explore, interact, revisit old zones and so on!

Despite the shortness of the game, graphics, sounds and music are really nice and spot on: I liked the sound of the rain when you're on the roof, the mapping of the infinite corridors, and other singular details that make this game unique. Yes, it's surreal, it's short, it's simple, but it is pretty well done, and also quite intriguing.

Luiishu made an interesting game, that kept me entertained for 20 minutes. The cute custom graphics were really well done, but it was the surreal and mysterious plot that kept me involved and interested just to understand what was going to happen next. As a game, it's a pretty linear "walking simulator" (as the author says, was partially inspired by Yume Nikki) BUT there are many memorable scenes and dialogues that enhance the experience and mantain the attention of the player without boring him (well also thanks to the short length of the game, but that's appropriate even if a sequel, in my opinion, would be welcomed).


Welcome to Hotel Grubba! The visit will be short but pleasant, in my opinion!
This is a short game that become more and more interesting until the apex of the ending, and for this reason I suggest to try it. Probably this is not a game for everyone (and that's why I did not give a higher score), I am sure, but even if you did not like it, at least that costed you just twenty minutes of your time! For the rest I found no bugs, errors or typos, so I can confirm its quality!

3.5/5, give it a try!