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Oh, so dreamy!

  • pianotm
  • 06/16/2017 02:00 AM
Name: Dream Quest: Knight and Princess

Developers: Unity and Ebeth

Story: For RMN B'Day Retromania. You play as Gwyn, the beloved of Princess Isela. Yes, this game is yuri and, oh, they are such a cute couple! ahem Sorry. Where was I? Isela's been kidnapped by the evil Lord Leirwrex (is this name a reference to something???) and he plans to force her to marry him. Gwyn has to chase him all the way to his castle to rescue Isela, but not without help. Gwyn uses her spirit magic to send a couple of spirit guides, pre-loaded with awful puns, to help her!

Writing: Unity's stories are always so full of interesting characters. The story isn't too self-referential, but aware enough to make fun of itself. As with all of unity's games, the story is expositional enough that you always know what's going on, but the focus is always on the gameplay.

There is no wi-fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection.

Gameplay: Dream Quest doesn't actively do anything to VX Ace's battle engine except add the mandatory scripts to make it prettier. Each character is carefully balanced in the traditional way, the Tank, the Mage, and the Healer. When Isela joins the party, you have two healers, though Fluffy specializes more in healing and defensive magical, and has no offensive magic, Isela has some offensive magic and restores MP. The game uses random encounters, but it's well balanced. It does suffer a bit from VXA's borked system, but not too badly, and 10 days is hardly enough time to do a custom RE system. All in all, I have absolutely no complaints about the gameplay.

A bat named Dusty and a cat named Fluffy! What's next, a dog named Rover?

Graphics: Simply beautiful. Ebeth's art shines in this composition as the gorgeous pixel art really helps to drive the story. Is it retro? I can't say, but I think it's simply fantastic, and Ebeth's sense of whimsy continues to shine through as it has in all of her projects. With candy land confection sprites and mushroom trees, she creates a simply beautiful dream world full of oddities and curiosities.

Music: Everyone's been using 8-bit styled music, and this is no exception. I really don't remember any of the music, but I certainly remember the feel it added to the game, and that was, by far, retro and it really rounded out the project nicely!

Well, then it's a good thing they're standing, am I right?

Conclusion: Worth every moment of your time. This is easily my favorite game to come out of the event.


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You're magical to me.
Thanks so much, piano! :DDDDD I really appreciate you taking the time to play, taking the time to review, and I'm so happy you liked it so much ^_^
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
Thank you piano!!! I'm glad you enjoyed our game so much!! And thank you for taking the time to write this review!
The only thing in this game that's bonkers is CAVE_DOG.
You're welcome, both of you! I try to write balanced reviews, but when I hit a uni game, I just turn into a total fanboy.
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