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This game was made for RMN 10th Birthday Event.

In this game you play as a creature with a pumpkin head who collects pumpkins in a forest. You have to avoid ghosts who want to steal your pumpkins. There are ten rounds and you have to collect ten pumpkins to clear every round. You also have to make some choices to determine the ending. There are three endings in this game.

Actually I was planning to make this game for Halloween but since this is a really simple game then I decide to submit it for Retromania Event. I don't know much about retro games so I just try to make it like Pacman.

Download link is available, you can also download the first version of this game from Retromania Event page. I'm sorry if there are some grammatical errors. If it's not working or there are some bugs or error please leave comment in this game page.

Thank You and Happy Birthday RMN! :D

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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Cute game!
Cute game!

Thank you for playing! :D
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