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What is it?

Lost Universe was an old anime series by the makers of Slayers. Often termed "Slayers in Space" Lost Universe is a fun anime that holds a place for us as one of the first we ever saw. Fans of the characters, when the fan-game contest by Nackster started we almost immediately decided to make what is probably the first Lost Universe-based game ever.

I meant the game genius!

Oh, well, the game is a platformer and a shooter mixed into one. Our first adventure with 3D in GameMaker (and at all!) there was a lot to learn and experiment with.

Platforming elements mixed with melee and ranged combat, space combat, and music right from the Best of Soundtrack for the series (sorry for the J-Pop!) Lost Universe was an ambitious project that we're glad to see done for now. Smile

Anyone wanted to know who was responsible? Eh? Where'd everyone go?

Anamei Productions
Jump Ultimate Stars (base sprites used for the characters!)
MusicShake (for the Desert and VR levels)
Lost Universe for the Series and Best of Soundtrack for the rest of the music and my sound effects!

Beta Testers:
Ocean's Dream

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  • 02/26/2009 11:33 PM
  • 11/19/2012 11:09 PM
  • 02/26/2009
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Looks neat, I'll try it when I get home.
Whoa, this is finished already? Awesome. I'll give this a whirl when I get home.
Alright, after it finishes loading, the loading screen disappears and... nothing happens. At all. This happens with almost every GM game I try to play. Is there a known fix for this?
I have never even heard of that happening... and it happens with all GameMaker games?

I did a little searching on google but couldn't find any references to a similar problem, so I've got no idea. :(

For Game Maker games that use MP3's (like "Lost Universe) you have to associate MP3's with Windows Media Player (WMP) or the games will crash as soon as they try to play the MP3's.

Open WMP > go to Tools > then Options > File Types > put a check mark next to MP3 > OK > and close WMP.

Now Game Maker games that use MP3's should no longer crash when you play them.

(I had the same problem you did TooManyToasters, and at first I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

But I began to suspect that the MP3's were the problem, so I asked somebody who'd made a recent GM game to take out the MP3's so I could test my theory, and sure enough, the game worked fine once the MP3's were removed.

After further investigation & experimentation, I figured out how to fix the problem--by associating WMP with MP3's. Don't ask me why this works...maybe GM uses WMP to play MP3's? I dunno.,,but believe me, this will solve the problem your having getting GM games to play.

Ah, thanks SegNin; I think it's because GameMaker uses your media player (could be WMP or could be WinAmp too) I didn't realize not having MP3 associated with a media player properly could crash it.
This game is officially part of RMN SNEWS #6's Play Something! installment. Theme: Platformers. Congrats! (More people play this now!)
The title screen background doesn't display properly for me (on plain old XP). Like it needed to be scaled but wasn't, so a big chunk of it is mauve fill instead.

A little bit of shooting/ramming stuff on the screen didn't indicate anything else new would ever happen, so, eh.
Sadly the background issue happens with some video cards. It's a GM and 3D problem, especially common with cards that don't have built-in 3D acceleration (my tablet has the same problem.)

What did you mean ramming/shooting? I just realized it doesn't mention it, but you press "Enter" to get past the title. I should have added a small text blurb "Hit Enter to Start" or the standard "Press Enter." :(
Pretty good game. I got stuck somewhere in the middle though. I like Gravity better.
how do you get past the first level? I kept switching characters, turning on and off switches I could reach, but it did nothing.
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