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Devlog #5: New demo?

  • Momeka
  • 09/30/2017 01:50 PM

First of, thanks for a 100 downloads, that's awesome. I hope you all have enjoyed the demo.

Been thinking of making a new demo as much have been added to the beginning areas. Mostly story content that’s completely missing in the current one. The other somewhat big thing would be the menu and an inventory system. Other than that it’s just some minor changes to some maps.
Would you guys want an updated demo or do you prefer to wait for the whole game?

Since I posted another update a couple of days ago this one will be pretty short. I’ve added some bugs (of the animal kind). If you’re a cruel person you can step on them.

I also finished up the cutscene for the bird-man npc. Here’s an updated version of the previous devlog gif:

It’s really been a pain, I’ve spent several days working on it, making a bunch of custom animations and emotes for it. But I’m happy with the result. Now I just got to make a second cutscene with it.

Other than that I’ve made some pop ups for when you pick up items. Nothing to exciting.

Work on the game might halt for a little while. Probably just a couple of days but maybe no devlog next week. I need to do some stuff on a community game.


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"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Hi Momeka,

I'm happy to wait for the full game... but if you were to release a new demo, I would definitely try it out!
I agree, I'll wait for the full game to hit the floor. I don't want an interrupted experience.
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