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Total Downloads (mediafire - 02/16/22): 148

A little girl is collecting mushrooms in the forest when she finds a mysterious tunnel. Taken by curiosity she walks toward the interior of that dark passage.
On the other side she discovers a magic stone that teleports her to a secret garden in front of a large tower. In the garden several challenges and only one way to get back home: play and win.

Ditto's Challenges are focused in microgames(short minigames). The player will have a time limit to beat them (like WarioWare). This game is inspired by WarioWare, Mario Party and others. I try to do too reproductions of microgames.

Controls: only use the enter/z button and the arrow keys.

+10 microgames
+No need RTP.
+Length: Very Short (15-20 minutes)

Have a bug report or suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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