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Babadook is just your average homosexual monster, and he's dating the Bye Bye Man! He wants to give his boyfriend a gift for pride month, but there's a problem: He lost the present it in the house of a widowed mother named Amelia! Now he must explore the house to find the gift, but he may get much more than he expected!

Babashook: The Game is a self aware comedy spin off of the famous horror movie, The Babadook. Almost everything has been made in only a few hours with the exception of the tilesets. The entire game takes place in only one map and is only a few minutes long.

-Crisp pixel art
-Babadook as a mary sue
-U can compliment the walls


He's an adorable fluffball overflowing with positivity and happiness

Bye Bye Man
He's from a different movie and he loves Babadook <3

She is a depressed widowed mother :<

He's a troubled yet adorable child


Frogge for pretty much everything
Jeniffer Kent for directing The Babadook
Love Automatic for making the song I was listening to while working on this
My mom and dad for creating me

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  • 06/21/2017 01:31 AM
  • 07/12/2018 01:36 PM
  • 07/01/2017
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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
I have officially been SHOOK! What a cute and 100% accurate game.

At one point the Bye Bye Man's name has a 0 after it in the dialogue. The sound effects are also like, really loud. Scared the jebezus out of me the first time I went down the stairs.

Dang nabbit! I'll probably fix those if further bugs show up, I don't wanna go through an hour of uploading time just to fix those super minor issues ^^;

I'm glad it SHOOK you!
Congratulations on completion, buddy! Seeing that green text makes me very gay.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Congratulations on completion, buddy! Seeing that green text makes me very gay.

Yes. Very good. Embrace the inner gay within you.
The game looks snazzy so far.. yet, maybe you could have used a more dark color theme for the house? In the movie, the house tends to look empty and depressed. Just a thought but, it's kinda too late lol.

Other than that, looks really good! I haven't even downloaded it, (and I will :3) but it looks promising. Great job!
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