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This is my game called: "The Elemental Stories", it's a solo project on which I started on in late 2008. I enthusiasticly worked on this game for months, untill sadly enough it fell into the dust for years to come. Untill one day, I checked my game out again, an realised that there was still huge potential behind it. So I decided to work on it again and release a new demo!

The newest demo (May 2011) can now be downloaded!
If you decide to download my game, I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you would let me know what your thoughts about the game are. Maybe you could be the first person to review my game? - Give it a rating, or just share your critiques about it with me so that it can be improved even more.

Note: It's possible that you can't use a former save file of one of the older demo versions!


I came up with a great concept that really is a key to my game and it's storyline.
My game lets the player choose between four main characters each with there own unique storylines. However these stories are set in the same world taking place at the same time, therefor the storylines are connected to eachother; they form one big story. In other words, you can live one story through the eyes of four characters, who all live in different regions in the same world.
This gives the player alot of playing time! And afcourse the player will learn more about the story only if he played through all four of the storylines...
Main Background story:

Welcome in the world of Uruta, a unique world, not like any other one. It is a world that has always been protected by the powerful and tremendous goddess of light: Athena. To keep this world save, Athena gave birth to four other goddesses:
- Vura the goddess of fire,
- Neptuna the goddess of water,
- Gaia the goddess of earth and nature,
- and Artica the goddess of ice.
Each of these four elemental goddesses created a weapon which holded there own signature powers. (The Sword of Fire, the Daggers of Water, the Gloves of Earth and the Spear of Ice.)
These weapons where granted to four of the most skillful human beings on the planet, who received the task to protect the peace. Which they did for a long time...
However they didn't know the greatest Goddess Athena had a very powerful sister, the Goddess of Darkness: Selena, who has always lived in the shadows of her sister.

Despite being the goddess of darkness, Selena isn't really evil. However, if she feels any darkness in a persons heart, she thinks of this as a "pure" heart. This could cause many problems if Selena falls in the wrong hands.. Unfortunatly, that is exactly what happened.

A powerfull man and head of a criminal organisation used the powers that Selena granted him to kill the four weapon wielders... And so the four godesses, were forced to quickly hide there signature weapons to different places. And now many years later, the time has come for four new humans to carry these weapons. In this huge world, with there own life stories:

“The Elemental Stories”.

Now on to some more indepth information:
Main Characters:

Frank 'Fransisco' Manchez (The Main antanogist)

Frank Manchez is the head of the Manchez crime syndicate. He has always been a very powerful and ruthless business man, with no conscious. Because of his huge criminal empire he has become a wealthy man with great influence and power. However, now that the Goddess Selena granted him the ultimate power of darkness, he truly became unstopable.
His dream now is to become the new king of this world. Since he is the half brother of the recent king of the world, it wouldn’t be a hard task for him to become the new king. However he does have a different concern: the only threat in existence are the four elemental weapons hidden in this world. And he knows the time will come that the new weapon wielders will be chosen. There for he set up an army in the hope that these weapons are found, before they are taken by the new wielders...


Jason is a young boy who lives in the ever peaceful Southwood village. He one day wakes up and gets ready for his big day: he will be officially trained by the skilful Master Exercise. Always equipped with his trusty old wooden sword, Jason is one young hero who awaits a big adventure...


Joshua is a young and cocky thief, with a natural skill for martial arts and robbery. He prefers his favorite weapons, his daggers. He lives in Agrada, a city located in the eastern desert regio.
Joshua can sometimes be a bit selfish and wants to be wealthy one day. However he doesn't know what things are about to await him.


Kitty is the result of an expiriment between a girl and a cat. She lives in the western forrest area near a small town. She has a crush on a young hunter, and she tries everything to try getting his attention. Her life is difficult. But this young cat girl will have to set her mind to more important things that are about to await her!

Princess Paradise

Princess Paradise (or just Paris) is the daughter of the king in the world, and thus the niece of Frank Manchez. She doesn't care to much for being a princess or being famous, she is a tough girl who really wants some adventure. And that is a wish that will be rudely granted!
Gameplay & Features:

* The game makes use of a mission system, this means that the player will have to complete quests in order to progress the story. At the end of each mission, there is a reward.

*The game uses a sideview Battlesystem, it's simple but effective.
Using your techniques (skills) during battle is a very crucial option during battle, this takes up your energy, but the techniques generally are stronger and more advanced then your regular attack.

*Ofcourse the signature is the choice between four different story mode's! Which each form one big and detailed story. All the questions the player has about the story can only be anwsered when playing all four of the story modes!

*The game uses a pretty advanced message system, showing pictures of each and every character talking in the game. It adds extra detail to the game, but also extra depth in the emotions of the characters.

Give the demo a try, and be sure to share your thoughts about the game with me!

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Any screens? Nobody's going to download your game, regardless of how long and detailed the description is, if there's no screenshots of the actual gameplay.
Yes I just re-uploaded my screenshots.. They should be accepted fast :)
You say it's a beta version but if its a beta version shouldn't there be a demo for people to test out? Anyway please hurry and finish making this I really want to play it.
Hello Lamia, Good to hear that..
Your right, afcourse there should be a demo available, I had some problems adding the download.. But I'm uploading it now to megaupload, and hopefully it's up for downloading today..
Heres a forum topic on my game:

The game can also already be downloaded over here:

And hopefully soon the download link will be added on this site asswell :)
funk I just finished the demo AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for full version XD
I found a bug. it makes jason invisible
can you please bring out the 2 part of jason's story also I cried when the village was bombed
Thanks for those good reactions, I know that bug, this is an older demo version on this site..
The newest demo with a lot more improvements, new original music, a longer story mode and all kinds of other overall improvements will be released soon!
Alright Everyone, the new demo version is online right now!
Feel free to tell me what you think, give feedback, or even review the game.
I'm had numerous reactions on other site's, but I'm curious what people over here think!

Thanks! and have fun playing!
just finished the new demo and please hurry on the next part,even my mom loves this

P.S.joshwa sounds a bit stuck up,but best RPG game I've played
I'm glad you enjoyed it! It might be a while untill the next demo version will be released, just stay tuned. Oh and feel free to rate my game!

okay this what needs to be improved:
music in items shop (seriously)
taught not learned(in items shop after you kill third wolf)
matter is spelled like this

world map
new battle music
more skills
liked the nice wolf(also I have a cosin named jamal,wierd)
all new music except item shop music

the only thing missing is a few spelling mistakes(english isn't my mother tounge either so I understand)and change music of one scene
if you have never played aveyond in your life I suggest you play it then aveyond 2 and 3 at www.amaranthia.com,if you need help email me
Can we hurry and get Kitty or Princess Paradise's story done, I'm waiting for a girl like ME to be done!
I agree with Magickid I want try out princess paradise's story and she needs a new name no offense oh and sorry about my last post I was hyper and I've waiting for that game for like a year and six months
Hi there!

I'm gladd to hear your exitement..
Sorry for the lack off updates, I was on my holidays..
I cannot tell you how gladd I am on all three sites this game is uploaded it receives very good comments!
And I truly appreciate all of you!
Unfortunatly I have to tell you It might be a very long time untill the next update..
Because I'm pretty busy in my private life, I got lots of things to do.. Don't get me wrong this game is not cancelled or anything! I'm just saying it could be a long while untill the next demo..

Anyway thanks again for the great comments everyone!
Please if you really like this game, also rate it!

When do you think you finish this game for a full version its a great gameplay and story pleash hurry and make it its so cool
Hi Magickid,

Well I already replied to you in my previous post, and again it will proberbly be a while until the next update.
However I can tell you that by the time the next update will come out it would proberbly be an even larger story for Jason, and maybe a beginning of one of the other stories. But this could be the Story of Joshua.
But maybe I will be a story of one of the female characters!

Thanks for all the support!

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