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Erm... Can I post a non-fan game/commercial game I'm working on in here? If not, please feel free to delete this post!

Anyways, this game started off as a Mother/Earthbound fan game, but throughout the years of developing it, it's evolved into its own project. We're hoping to get a demo out sometime during this summer, and hopefully the full game will be out on Steam mid 2018.

Our story starts with out protagonist, a 15 year old boy named Dalton. He wakes up from a nightmare in which he is trapped in an unknown and deserted location. Summer vacation just started, so he decides to hang out with his older brother, Zeke. Zeke convinces his brother to go with him to poke around in the woods near town in search of something that their father supposedly hid in the woods, before he left them. After finding a mysterious book, Dalton reads from it and discovers something outstanding about himself; he has psychic powers. After finding this out, Dalton feels incredibly ill, and collapses. His brother carries him home, and once he gets back, a strange pitch black creature makes its way out of Dalton. The creature calls himself Gogusha, and attempts attacking Dalton. Zeke tries to protect him, but Gogusha is too strong, and knocks Zeke down. Gogusha states that he is in search of the missing pages of the book, and disappears to search for them. Dalton and Zeke both realize that they have to be the ones to fix this mess, and thus, they set out on their journey to find the missing pages, and defeat Gogusha. They’ll make many friends, enemies, and much more.

Erm... none of the other team members have accounts on this forum, but there's three others. One other sprite artist, and two musicians.

Programs used:
Rpg Maker MV
Ms Paint
Medibang Paint
FL Studio

Victor Engine

Please not that all of the scripts I'm using are free for commercial use, and I will remove/pay for usage if it turns out that some of them aren't.

Erm... I don't know how to post screenshots on this site directly, so here's a link to my DeviantArt folder with a couple of 'em.

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The story is interesting and the graphics look good... This is... What can I say... BEAUTIFUL! Good luck with it! *subscribed*
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