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Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition
I always wanted to publish a game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This will be the end result.

Lead four heroes and their teams against the evil forces of Mephistocles, the Lord of Demons in this retro-RPG adventure. Switch between the four heroes as you explore dungeons, ascend towers, spelunk caves, save villages and defeat the forces of evil! Reminiscent of classic NES/SNES-era RPGs, Hero's Realm is a fun romp in old-school RPG nostalgia.

  • Play as 4 powerful Heroes and their customizable party throughout a four chapter story, each with their own skillset & battle commands!
  • Come together in the final fifth to adventure with all four parties - switching between them anytime, even in boss battles!
  • Customize your heroes' party by selecting from 21 unique character classes split between the mage, warrior, and rogue specialties, including unlockable elite and master classes!

  • 25 character classes (12 base classes, 4 hero classes, 6 elite classes, 3 master classes)
  • Over 30 hours of game content and sidequests
  • Classic NES-era and SNES-era RPG gameplay
  • Multi-party switching system
  • Multi-party tactical battles
  • Expansive world map

If you like what I do and have done to date, consider being my patron so that I can continue doing it. A remastered game is just the start!

Hero's Realm has a TVTropes page.Check it out.
Alternatively, you can donate directly to my PayPal.

Latest Blog

My wife said I can't buy FFVI Remaster until I finish Hero's Realm

So I have extra motivation, I guess.

Anyway, I am working on battle animations these days. (Follow along on Twitter while that site still exists, if you like!).

I had done a thorough review of every skill and battle event in the game, and then mapped that to every animations, and from there to every battle animation sheet. I cross-referenced that with the animation sheets I had commissioned from visitorsfromdream. From there, I identified the gaps - the most significant gap being the space in my wallet (I have no budget left, really. That's what happens when you let a game project drag on for 5 years). So to fill in the gap, at the beginning of April I started to learn how to do simple pixel art, with a focus on small animations!

I started with simple laser effects, and then moved on to a study on sparkles and gems (a staple of every RPG ever). The sparkles will be used in a large variety of spells, especially healing.

I circled back to some more lasers, and small burst animations. The lasers were based on an animation that I had downloaded back in like 2003 and have no idea where it is sourced from. The bursts are based off of Chrono Trigger's animations.

You can see me working on it here:

Because some people think I have some sort of innate spriting skillz, I am showing you my current process - using references from SNES games!!

I tried to make a fissure like skill, based on our favourite end boss Lavos.

Today I took a crack at making the most complex sprite I've attempted to date - a large skull.

Naturally, I used my socks as a reference. (I also later googled skull art references, because I do not have a full grasp on how the human skull is actually shaped).


I have a long list, but so far so good in my first 3 week foray into the world of spriting! Still to do are more physical hit sparks and slashes, stealing items, more fire (ugh this is going to be tough), ice, lightning, wind, gasses, dark spirits, holy magic, explosions, and tarot cards!

(Also, I am focusing on spriting right now because it is fun, but MORESO to avoid tedious work I know I have do to. The battle events need a cleanup and revamp, and the prospect of working on that is daunting. Then there are the bug fixes and planned enhancements. And playtesting. Which will lead to more bug fixes.)

Follow along on Twitters if you want more real-time progress reports on battle animations. (where are we supposed to post going forward these days? Instagram? Tumblr? Y'know, for when twitter dies)


Loved this game since forever and glad to see it get a commercial version, considering how successful HR is. Everything is looking sweet!
Loved this game since forever and glad to see it get a commercial version, considering how successful HR is. Everything is looking sweet!

Hopefully I release it someday!
I mean... you've already made Heroes Realm before. You just have to do it again, right? ;p
I thought I'd write something: I realized that it's been a little more than 3 years since I began working on this project.

Thank you for your support and comments. I hope that my art will live up to the fans' expectations.
There were several assets to draw and I am close to being finished.
The best-looking stuff is yet to come.

And thank you Kentona for giving me this opportunity. Working on Hero's Realm Heroic Edition has been and still is very enjoyable :D
Here's to the next 3 years of working on this remaster!
Hero's Realm: Better Late Than Never Edition
You're magical to me.
Avee, you're work has been incredible and I'm so happy to see where this game goes. kentona, awesome work as well, and you're not allowed to cancel this game XD
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
i'm cancelling the game. it's, uh, preying upon the elderly (dq4)
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob

(but on the real, thank you for working so hard on this, and your hard work produces very lovely results. i for one am really proud <3)
Hero's Realm: Better Late Than Never Edition

More like, BETTER BE HERE EVENTUALLY ;.; :<<<< :cry: Edition


I'm never not looking forward to it.
I'm never not looking forward to it.

That's the idea. It will always be in development
I knew it! >B)
This will be the Duke Nukem Forever of RPG Maker, except without the Actually-Comes-Out part.
I believe in the Hero Team

I hope babby is still providing moral support!
I believe in the Hero Team

I hope babby is still providing moral support!

He's 10 now
This game profile got a new background, same as the old background
This game profile got a new background, same as the old background

Out with the new, in with the old.