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Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition
I always wanted to publish a game based on everything I enjoyed as a kid. This will be the end result.

Lead four heroes and their teams against the evil forces of Mephistocles, the Lord of Demons in this retro-RPG adventure. Switch between the four heroes as you explore dungeons, ascend towers, spelunk caves, save villages and defeat the forces of evil! Reminiscent of classic NES/SNES-era RPGs, Hero's Realm is a fun romp in old-school RPG nostalgia.

  • Play as 4 powerful Heroes and their customizable party throughout a four chapter story, each with their own skillset & battle commands!
  • Come together in the final fifth to adventure with all four parties - switching between them anytime, even in boss battles!
  • Customize your heroes' party by selecting from 21 unique character classes split between the mage, warrior, and rogue specialties, including unlockable elite and master classes!

  • 25 character classes (12 base classes, 4 hero classes, 6 elite classes, 3 master classes)
  • Over 30 hours of game content and sidequests
  • Classic NES-era and SNES-era RPG gameplay
  • Multi-party switching system
  • Multi-party tactical battles
  • Expansive world map

If you like what I do and have done to date, consider being my patron so that I can continue doing it. A remastered game is just the start!

Hero's Realm has a TVTropes page.Check it out.
Alternatively, you can donate directly to my PayPal.

Latest Blog

My wife said I can't buy FFVI Remaster until I finish Hero's Realm

So I have extra motivation, I guess.

Anyway, I am working on battle animations these days. (Follow along on Twitter while that site still exists, if you like!).

I had done a thorough review of every skill and battle event in the game, and then mapped that to every animations, and from there to every battle animation sheet. I cross-referenced that with the animation sheets I had commissioned from visitorsfromdream. From there, I identified the gaps - the most significant gap being the space in my wallet (I have no budget left, really. That's what happens when you let a game project drag on for 5 years). So to fill in the gap, at the beginning of April I started to learn how to do simple pixel art, with a focus on small animations!

I started with simple laser effects, and then moved on to a study on sparkles and gems (a staple of every RPG ever). The sparkles will be used in a large variety of spells, especially healing.

I circled back to some more lasers, and small burst animations. The lasers were based on an animation that I had downloaded back in like 2003 and have no idea where it is sourced from. The bursts are based off of Chrono Trigger's animations.

You can see me working on it here:

Because some people think I have some sort of innate spriting skillz, I am showing you my current process - using references from SNES games!!

I tried to make a fissure like skill, based on our favourite end boss Lavos.

Today I took a crack at making the most complex sprite I've attempted to date - a large skull.

Naturally, I used my socks as a reference. (I also later googled skull art references, because I do not have a full grasp on how the human skull is actually shaped).


I have a long list, but so far so good in my first 3 week foray into the world of spriting! Still to do are more physical hit sparks and slashes, stealing items, more fire (ugh this is going to be tough), ice, lightning, wind, gasses, dark spirits, holy magic, explosions, and tarot cards!

(Also, I am focusing on spriting right now because it is fun, but MORESO to avoid tedious work I know I have do to. The battle events need a cleanup and revamp, and the prospect of working on that is daunting. Then there are the bug fixes and planned enhancements. And playtesting. Which will lead to more bug fixes.)

Follow along on Twitters if you want more real-time progress reports on battle animations. (where are we supposed to post going forward these days? Instagram? Tumblr? Y'know, for when twitter dies)


no prob i will give idea for basic class later and maybe even........new class?

also the overall game change can still be updated once im further ahead or even encounter thing that can be improved
I think I would need to switch engines to be able to accommodate a lot of these ideas, but these are a lot of good ideas. Thanks
Ok now here some tweak/balance i can suggest for the basic class(im still at the class upgrade temple):

Hero:Ok they should atleast keep healing spell incase your party lack it but maybe they can have special affinity with a certain element:

The ranger hero:He is wind elemental so he get a 15% evasion boost right of the bat he also can learn some wind magic that is unquie like:
_Wind barrier:can deflect most ranged attack,it can reduce the impact of physical attack aswell but eventually it will break if damaged too much which make that person get dizzy so he skip a turn or dissapear on it own.
_Air pressure:Fill enemy with air if their air is too much they exploded and ista dead but the bigger the enemy the more time you need to do this.
_Wind speed:speed you up x3 time but only last 1 turn.
_Push:push enemy in back row or vice versa.
_Float:gain immunity to earth based attack plus evasion boost.

The magus hero:She is fire elemental so she get 10% atk and mag increase her unquie spell is like:
_Molten shield:Party get shielded by enemey physical attack but they can be break by both magic and physical.
_Combust:Fire a missle then after a turn explode violently ealing massive damage
_Hot terrain:Make ice attack weaker while it active.
_Fire spread:Apply burn to all enemy if they already got burn upgrade it into deep burn which addition to taking hp also make taking action deal damage.
_Flame up:Party ATB after taking an action is increase to 50%.

THe ninja hero:He is lightning elemental and using normal attack and item only consume 50% ATB and his special power are:
_Lightning touch:Elec someone in party,if they got hit the monster get numb instantly.
_Zip zap:Instantly give someone a turn.
_Energize:Someone get MP regen.
_Burst of power:Give next hit 200% power but ATB is slow for 1 turn.
_Electrified:Put it on a enemy if their party use support skill on them they will get damaged instead.

The monk hero:He is earth element so his party will get less back attack and he get first strike more due to him able to sense his surrounding but if met a enemy he cant first strike he gain 15% HP regen.
_Rock armor:Gain 2x armor and magic resist but if armor break you take 2x damage for a few turn so it risk/reward.
_Quicksand:Slowly consume enemy,enemy that attack more often get consume quicker so it punish agility enemy.
_Mud armor:reduce fire damage
_Rock bind:Prevent enemy from moving so they cant use closed range attack.
_Meteror:Once per battle summon a meteror that extremely hurt enemy but also damage your party

Each of them also get a LIMIT BREAK that charge slowly overtime(or faster if low health or party take damage):
_The huntress:
+WIND ARROW: charge up a arrow that enchance with the wind making it deal tremendous dmaage to all damage plus you get your ATB bar back instantly.
+HURRICANE:MASSIVE hurricane that can take away weaker enemy and stronger enemy get significant damage plus weaken their next hit by 50%.
+FREE AS THE WIND:Buff party evasion,speed,reduce MP cost by 50% for limited time.

_The magus:
+MOLTEN LAVA:Summon lava to damage all enemy plus binding them for a few turn.
+SOLAR FLARE:Create fire so powerful it blind all enemy through immunity and also burned them too.
+FIRE RING:Throw fire ring at 1 enemy then pull to bind them,as long as you keep binding the enemy wont escape,stronger enemy will eventually broke it making you numb ad ofcourse binding enemy leave you wide open for attack.

-The ninja:
+LIGHTNING SHURIKEN STROM:Create a strom of ninja star covered with electricity that both damage enemy and make whenever they attack have a chance to be numb.
+LIGHTNING STRIKE:strike a single foe with your lightning blade for 10 time.
+FUN NOT OVER:All buff will stayed active for 10 turns.

_The monk:
+INNER PEACE:Your mind is calm letting you focus for 2 turn,during those turn damage to to your party make the move stronger,finally after 2 turn he release a massive punch dealing base damage+ 500% of damage to party.
+GOLEM:All party ride on the golem with all their HP combine and the golem take the highest stat of each party as his base stat,it lose 10% HP every turn and cant heal,once golem gone your party HP is at 1.
+EARTH PROTECT:Party cant take more than 50%HP of damage per turn.

This is all for now i will updated it at a later date
Hmm ok you want my take on what to balance i will get started then(you can dislike them if you so choose XD):

1)Firstly about the overall game balance/quality of life:
_Reduced the ammount of back attack i swear i get back attack every other battle and early game it a automatic game over.
_Tonic should be available right at the start of chapter 5 it crazy how medical herb is still being the primary item heal by this point.(oh and tonic heal 150 HP)
_Jester mask should NOT rearrange my action list this has make some encounter harder because your ability is right at the bottom.
_Trading should be more useful as most of the item there you can basically get for free with thief so it worthless.
_ATB bar should be faster overall and it only goes slower once you reach 3 enemy,6 enemy because every time 6 enemy appear the wait between each of my attack is soooo long.
_You should able to arrange which skill is in which order so trashing mob is faster overall.
_Important item should be very faint spark to indicate where you should dig up.
_Using wrap wing or return every location now should have picture to make finding the right location easier.
_In chapter 5 you can disable the notification that your other party gain level.
_Add a walk button for section that need you to walk slow.
_Rebalance some enemy with magic as they hit ridiculously hard compare to their physical counterpart(which is ironic)
_Return should only cost 1 because it fast travel and make it more exclusive to have.(only 1 hero have it dnd only 4 class that have it)
_Buff magic overall late game damage.
_Item that you dont need anymore get discarded and equipment should be in another catergory as it clutter the menu when battle.
_Add more equipment that can be use as an item early game.
_Make poison able to effect you in battle but as a trade off you make the inn able to heal status so priest should only revive and uncurse that their specialty.
_Life herb should be more plentiful early game as it the most useful at that stage(to make priest more enticting make revive people get full MP and random buff for a few battle)
_Buff skill in general are so broken they basically double your stat maybe make it start at 25% but the more you buff the more it stack up to 50% (to compensate make buff last longer)
_You can start with a journal which can help lead you to next objective or help solve puzzle.....
_Explain some hidden perk that some class have like some can wear curse armor for example.
_Idk if it possible or even feasible but if your party doesnt have a class that can use certain item replace them with other trasure.
_Give more starting gold as the very first few level is alway spent on getting all the equipment at the shop or else you get cream by the enemy in the net area.
_Gold in barrel should give way more not pitiful ammount.
_It obvious but the player character should be able to phase through NPC if they walk into them for abit(disable for some NPC)
_More hidden optinal dungeon/area in the first fe chapter as compare to chapter 5 it fell very rail road.
_Every party now gain exact ammount of exp this way you can make the game harder.
_You should able to rearrange item so you can access the one you need faster.
_More optional diggable item as i feel they are spread abit too thin to justify it as a main gimmick and maybe add some mini game for it.
_Text box that you already read is grayed out so at night you can notice which NPC talk differently.
_Name your Status effect/skill better as some status i have no clue what they do like discord while in battle.
_Make enemy damage number different when they ctit or get a weakness/resist(all of them are different)
_More enemy variety or more enemy with certain gimmick.
_Reward more defensive play all i seen so far is if you cant delete mob or boss in 1-2 turn you get fucked so maybe give defend action abit more utility.(maybe have it fill 50% pf your ATB bar and give some MP)
_Certain very powerful skill now have a cooldown or cant be use at the very start of battle.
_Updated some shop in chapter 5 as they basically a worse version of your starting area until later on.
_This would be pretty cool for player that choose not to upgrade class:Create unquie area for each of the basic class and at you can get either a unquie spell,a weapon or armor that only they can use or a permanent new passive buff that can change up gameplay like whenever druid overheal someone they gain a random buff.
_Still make the main game beatable with basic class but add new optinal dungeon to truly test yourself or be pressure into upgrading class.
_Add an actual map for player that dont use wrap show icon for important location and show which teleporter connect to other.
_When controlling the golem it should hav the same speed as the hero.
_Able to change battle speed or text speed.
_After getting diving gavel if you change back and forth near an enemy it will trigger a battle.
_When all your party get numb(some enmy can do this instantly so it cheap as hell)you switch to another party instantly and after battle you get punished by not having access to that team until resting at inn.
_To encourage party swap often if a team has average 2 lv higher than the second highest average they only get 50% EXP.
_Scroll now is 150% effective to incentivite using them and not just use spellcaster for everything.(200% if use by non mage class)
_Boy get unquie weapon while girl get unquie armor.
_the auction house need some variety,you can talk to each "rival" to know their background and during the bidding all your rival will reveal to you about how hard they can affort to spend(roughly) and how desperate they want it to be and some are willing to forfiet their live saving to it so you must choose wisely which item is worth,you can also decide to skip an item entirely if it doesnt interest you.
_After getting 3 divine item all shop now will sell restoreable(now heal 250 hp),after you get 5 divine all shop now sell stim pack(heal 200HP/200MP) and after you got all 7 divine item all shop now have elixir(Heal All HP/300MP)
_Remove the bonewall so getting the airship early is hard but douable.
_Buff single target attack/skill/magic massively buff their power or buff enemy def so multi hit isnt as broken.
_Special dungeon that only 1 specific party can do to further incentive lving each party.
_To make party swap a useful feature epic boss now grow in power overtime and the only way to reset it is to switch party.
_Blue text mean heal,grayed mean resist and white is neutral but what about weakness?maybe red?
_More item to cure status/debuff.
_Divide some skill into another catergory(example gambol have 2 distinct kind of skill:The aura that behave like normal skill early on and the card which is ocmpletely random),when in battle if you select gambol for example it will give you 2 option:Aura or Card which you can choose. This will make skill managment way less anooying,you can do it for magic too like healing/black/debuff/buff.
_At the start of chapter 5 wizard potion is widely avialble,after you collect all 5 divine item all shop now have Mana Spring which restore 200 MP.
_At the start of chapter 5 life herb become available in shop,after 3 divine item all shop now have Miracle Herb which restore you to 50% HP and After 7 divine item all shop will have Eternal Herb(Which recover you to MAX HP)
_More status effect/debuff like potent posion,bleed,confused,etc.....
_Playtest the game more to fix ton of bug :3

Anyway it getting late so i will stop for now stayed tuned for class update.
Unity will finish Izrand Allure, Peculiar and Untimely Things Are Happening, and Rezael Allure before kentona finishes Hero's Realm.
You're magical to me.
As long as it gets done one day, I think any amount of wait will be worth it
lol your boundless optimism will be your downfall one day, unity

That's true, it will! :DDDDD
As long as it gets done one day, I think any amount of wait will be worth it

lol your boundless optimism will be your downfall one day, unity
You're magical to me.
As long as it gets done one day, I think any amount of wait will be worth it
How's this going?

I suck
This game profile got a new background, same as the old background

Out with the new, in with the old.

This game profile got a new background, same as the old background
I believe in the Hero Team

I hope babby is still providing moral support!

He's 10 now
I believe in the Hero Team

I hope babby is still providing moral support!
I knew it! >B)
This will be the Duke Nukem Forever of RPG Maker, except without the Actually-Comes-Out part.
I'm never not looking forward to it.

That's the idea. It will always be in development
Hero's Realm: Better Late Than Never Edition

More like, BETTER BE HERE EVENTUALLY ;.; :<<<< :cry: Edition


I'm never not looking forward to it.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob

(but on the real, thank you for working so hard on this, and your hard work produces very lovely results. i for one am really proud <3)