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More like Inactive Edition, amirite?

  • kentona
  • 07/05/2019 04:31 PM
I have been implored to post an update on this project, and shockingly, it's been 11 months since I last did so. Welp.

Here is what has happened:

-Avee has completed the weapon art for the battlers
-Avee has completed the tilesets for the entire game (basically replacing all of RTP! :O )
-Avee has completed the facesets/portraits for the character classes
-Avee has begun work and made progress on the monster graphics
-the work from BigWig has been set aside
-visitorsfromdreams has been approached and a tentative agreement made to make battle animation sets

This update is rather one-sided, isn't it? A lot of guilt and regret has built up on me these past few months over this project and its slow going. It got to the point were I've even written an article about it, to try to spur me into action. (I guess it + the PM I received from an anonymous source worked, since I am making a blog post?).

Next steps involve applying the new tilesets to the project (and tweaking where necessary). And showcasing some of the great work that Avee has delivered in the past year!

Summer is finally upon us, and my schedule looks freer than it has in months. I intend to post regular progress updates over the summer. Thanks for reading, and sticking with me all this time.


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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
You can do it, kentona! I believe in you!

(You're awesome.)
Woot! Posting from a horse farm to say "I believe in ya!"
That skeleton looks like he thinks hes at a rave and its great, hes also being very particular about protecting his crotch.

This is why I love video games.

Also you got this boy'o!
I don't trust any game that hasn't had at least a year-long hiatus.
RMN sex symbol
Wish I could help you out with this game honestly but I barely remember how to use Rm2k3 at this point.
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